Vaccine Clinics for Students at Snoqualmie Valley Schools: Sign Up for Appointments

SVSD Families: In-school appointments start this week at CKMS and MSHS.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) granted emergency authorization for COVID-19 vaccinations to everyone age 12 and older for the Pfizer two-dose vaccine.  To help ensure all eligible Snoqualmie Valley students have access to COVID-19 protection, our Snoqualmie Valley School District is hosting some upcoming vaccination events at our secondary schools, during school hours. We are partnering with the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital to offer vaccination clinics for students ages 12 and older during the final weeks of this school year.

Vaccinations are free and participation is voluntary. When your child is fully vaccinated (two weeks after their 2nd dose), they will not have to quarantine for 14 days if they are exposed to someone with COVID-19.

If you would like to take advantage of this in-school opportunity for your student (or for yourself if you are an 18-year-old student), see below for how to sign up for an appointment and the required documents your student must bring to their first dose appointment.


 How to sign up: Families who want their student to be vaccinated at school must use their school’s sign-up sheet (below) to schedule an appointment. There is a limited number of appointments available, and appointments will be filled on a first come first served basis. Select your school link below to sign up for both Dose 1 and Dose 2 appointments required for the Pfizer vaccine.

 Chief Kanim Middle School 

Both A/B Cohorts: Wednesdays (8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.), May 19 (Dose 1) & June 9 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

 Mount Si High School/Two Rivers High School

Cohort A & Remote Only: Thursdays (8 a.m.-2 p.m.), May 20 (Dose 1) & June 10 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

Cohort B: Fridays (8 a.m.-2 p.m.), May 21 (Dose 1) & June 11 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

 Twin Falls Middle School

Cohort A:  Mondays (8-11 a.m.), May 24 (Dose 1) & June 14 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

Cohort B: Tuesdays (8-11 a.m.), May 25 (Dose 1) & June 15 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

 Snoqualmie Middle School/Parent Partnership Program

Cohort A: Mondays (12-3 p.m.), May 24 (Dose 1) & June 14 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

Cohort B: Tuesdays (12-3 p.m.), May 25 (Dose 1) & June 15 (Dose 2): SIGN UP HERE

Each sign-up sheet will close at 2:45 p.m. the day before a vaccination clinic day, or when all appointments have been reserved. (Snoqualmie Valley Hospital must plan for bringing the exact quantity of vaccine, so they cannot serve walk-up appointments.)

 What students must bring to their appointment: Students (under 18) must bring to their appointment a signed parent/guardian consent form and a copy of parent/guardian photo ID. (The copy of the parent’s photo ID will be kept on file at the hospital for internal auditing purposes only. It will not be shared externally per HIPPA laws.) Students who are 18 years and older may sign their own consent form and will also need a copy of their photo identification.

Students must arrive promptly at their assigned time!  Appointments are spaced every 5 minutes – so it’s very important students are punctual. An appointment reminder will be emailed to those who sign up. (Please encourage your student to add their appointments to their phone calendar, so they are on time for their appointments.) Clinics will be held in the gym lobby at MSHS and in the gymnasiums at the middle schools.

After the vaccine is administered, students will be observed for 15 minutes to confirm no side effects. NOTE: Students with a history of allergic reaction to vaccines need to receive their vaccination from a health provider location (not at a school clinic), so they can be monitored for a reaction.

 Questions? The following Snoqualmie Valley Hospital doctors are available to address any concerns:

Dr. Jason Rubin, SVH COVID Medical Director

Dr. Neeta Jain, SVH Pediatrician

 If these school-based clinics do not work for your student’s schedule, there are many other options for getting vaccinations for students and family members:

For drive-up vaccinations at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital, sign up at (Starting May 19, they will have the Pfizer vaccine, as well as Moderna.)

For other King County locations, refer to Public Health vaccine location information.

 Additional resources:

King County Public Health: COVID-19 Vaccination for Children and Teens (multiple languages available)

COVID-19 Vaccination for Ages 12-17 flyer (Spanish, Russian)

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  • The Washington State Department of Health reports 0% of children (under age 19) have died and hospitalizations are at 2% of confirmed cases. None of these vaccines are fully FDA approved so my question is with such low risk, why are we advocating for vaccines in this younger population? This seems incredibly dangerous especially since it is known that even fully FDA approved vaccines are not without risk. Also, there are very effective treatments available like Ivermectin, Budesonide, and Fluvoxamine right now. I have also read that there are future treatments in late stage trials from Merck that are showing great efficacy. This could be a disaster in the making if we find out in late stage trials that there are long term consequences from these vaccines. I’m truly disturbed that we are coercing our children to vaccinate for a virus that rarely causes symptoms unlike other viruses such as H1N1 have in the past. What is going on here?

  • Living Snoqualmie