Twin Peaks Filming Wraps in the Snoqualmie Valley, Special THANK YOU from the Cast and Crew

It was a fun, kind of geeky, exciting two-month ride as Twin Peaks returned to the Snoqualmie Valley for filming after a 25-year hiatus. But as the cliché saying goes…. all good things must come to an end.

So once again, it’s time to say goodbye to the cast and crew and patiently wait while all those Valley scenes become transformed into the much-anticipated short-run TV series.

No more yellow ‘Base Camp’ signs, intermittent road closures, filming in local businesses and homes, parking lots filled with equipment and food trucks and semis holding dressing rooms and wardrobe pieces. No more hoping to catch a glimpse of David Lynch, Kyle Kyle MacLachlan or Amanda Seyfried. No more Twin Peaks fans from near and far taking photos of new filming locations.

Snoqualmie Valley residents must now just twiddle their thumbs, waiting for the new series to air on Showtime – predicted to happen in 2017.  And that really is a LONG wait for our iconic landmarks to be the backdrop for current-day Twin Peaks. Will the town change or remain stuck in time?

Dave Drummond, Twin Peak Location Manager, said Snoqualmie Valley filming officially wrapped up in late October, but before crews headed off to Hollywood, they wanted to make sure and thank the community.

Twin Peaks has a large, devoted worldwide fan base, and with the show based in mystery and secrets, great effort was made locally to keep filming on the quiet side.  Of course, some of the publicity was hard to avoid – especially when Twede’s Cafe became the Double R Diner again for a week of filming on the streets of downtown North Bend.

Other than that, though, much of the film activity was kept pretty low-key, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Twin Peaks crew appreciated the community’s help with that.  Otherwise they might have had to explore shooting on a closed sound stage in Los Angeles.

So many local businesses and people played a part in helping re-create the town of Twin Peaks for the new series – and for that Twin Peaks says, Thank You Snoqualmie Valley.”


Twin Peaks Thk You

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