Trader Joe's Moving To New Issaquah Location, Possibly Providing Easier Access To Snoqualmie Valley Shoppers

For Snoqualmie Valley shoppers who travel to Issaquah to shop at Trader Joe’s, life may become a little easier later this year.  That’s because Trader Joe’s will be relocating their current Pickering Place Issaquah location to a new, larger spot in the Issaquah Commons, on the south side of I-90, near Target.  The move comes because Trader Joe’s current store is not large enough to meet the 10,000 square foot requirement to sell alcohol.

Party @ Display and Costume, the former tenant of Trader Joe’s future location, recently moved its store next to Best Buy on East Lake Sammamish Parkway near Fred Meyer.  Work now continues on Trader Joe’s new location, which it plans to occupy in the next several months.

Trader Joe’s new spot should have easier freeway access for those of us traveling west on I-90 to Issaquah.  The overall accessibility to the store’s location in the Issaquah Commons should also be better and easier to navigate than the often-times traffic congested parking lots at Pickering Place, which is home to Costco, its corporate headquarters and ultra-busy Costco gas station.



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  • A bigger store sounds great but they may need a second light at the turn in to Target–it already gets crazy at that intersection. And now a Trader Joes? Oh my.

  • And have you seen the parking in front of the new location? Neither have I because there isn’t much. I’m not a TJ shopper, but I know it is incredibly popular and I do think traffic and parking will be an issue at the new location.

  • I am thrilled that I won’t have to drive to both sides of I-90 to shop at TJ’s and Safeway, but I am really concerned about the parking at the new location, it is probably the smallest lot in that whole retail complex, and to make the store bigger, it looks like they took out the parking that lined the side of the store. Hopefully, the property owners/managers are preparing to accomodate a lot more traffic in that area!

  • The parking at the other place was great, there was a HUGE parking lot for them to use. Costco doesn’t even play into it and had nothing to do with the parking at the original store. This new store and the horrible intersection will cause a lot of us not to go there. It’s really sad that the traffic in Issaquah is so bad and that is the worst lot yet. All this to sell more alcohol 🙁

  • I have only been there one time and won’t ever go again. Traffic is so horrible and parking unbelievably bad – meaning you can’t find any. Not nearly enough for supporting the TJ’s and the other businesses there. I actually feel sorry for the other retailers. Their customers don’t have a chance.

  • Ok, its not the same!- but come on….There is parking- but depending on the time of day you may have to use your legs and walk a bit further- (which is a blessing we take for granted …)
    Also, Trader Joe’s didn’t move in order to sell liquor. TJ’s moved because they outgrew their previous space. The move was underway before the new liquor law passed. If anyone stood in a holiday line last year 15 deep and this year 5- you know what I’m talking about. There are a lot of people on this planet. We are starting to feel the effects everywhere- even in Issaquah.
    We continue to have great business and more people are shopping at the new location.
    Sorry for you who are having trouble with the change- but we continue to sell great products at an exceptional price. And hope you come back.

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