Torguson Park The Rescue Scene For Man Hurt From Fall Near Abandoned North Bend Mine Shaft

North Bend’s Torguson Park, 750 E North Bend Way, was the rescue scene last night for three men who fell into an abandoned mine shaft yesterday afternoon.  The men were airlifted to Torguson Park where local police and fire were waiting to deliver the injured men to nearby hospitals.

The distress call came into King County Dispatch at 3:45PM yesterday, August 26th.  The adult men fell into the abandoned mine about 2 miles past Goldmyer Hot Springs near North Bend.

The rescue was difficult.   The trapped men had a Skype phone which made communication and pinpointing exact location tough.  One of the men fell 30 feet and injured his shoulder which meant he could not be hoisted out.

None of the men sustained life-threatening injuries. No word yet on what caused the fall.  The helicopter rescue wrapped up around 10PM last night.

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  • GOOD MORNING…thank you for update. I was wondering what all of the helicopter presence was about.

    1. Annie and some friends witnessed it. They said it was crazy how the helicopter came in anyhow many emergency responders were on the scene!

  • I hope they made it worth their while by digging out some gold waiting for the rescuers 🙂

  • Just to clarify the information: it was one man who fell from the edge of the cliff, his arm was badly broken and there was no mine shaft involved. The area where he was is a private collecting claim.

    1. Thanks for the update, Linda. Info for the story was released from King County Emergency Dispatch on Friday night. Maybe in the chaos of the rescue, the details got confused. Appreciate the update!

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