Top Snoqualmie Valley Photos of 2014

So many photos of Snoqualmie Valley iconic scenery are shared on the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page each month.

A list of the most the popular photos of 2014 was compiled by going through Facebook statistics for all of those shared photos – and there were a lot!

The top photos were ranked by the number of Facebook feeds the pictures reached. The more activity a photo generates through Facebook likes, shares and comments left, the more feeds it reached.

These ten photos reached between 6,000 to nearly 15,000 Facebook user feeds.  Thanks you to everyone for sharing your pictures with us. Keep sending them our way in 2015!

Top Snoqualmie Valley Photos of 2014

10) Millpond Captured by iPhone | Rhett Thompson

millpond iphone

9)  River by the Trestle |  Don Detrick

Don, river, trestle, 6272


8)  River from the Dog Park |  Rana Hoover

rana river dog park


7)  Moonrise with Sunset Alpenglow |  Jason Warren

Jason Warren, sunset


6)  Mt. Si in the Middle Fork | Don Detrick

Don middle fork


5)  River Color | Stephanie Sprouse

steph sprouse - river


4)  Millpond Fall Sunrise |  Manju Shekhar

manju sunrise


3)  Fall Road |  Don Detrick

Fall Road Ernies Grove


2)  Summer Supermoon |  Barb McDaniel

barb super moon


1)  Fall Sunrise with the Elk Herd |  Don Detrick

Don sunrise elk - 14584



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  • All precious, but Manju Shekhar’s image of the Mill Pond is hard to beat. I know how long he had to wait for the ‘right’ moment. River Color by Stephanie Sprouse is another of those magic moments we have come to enjoy in our Valley – but often do not take the time to ‘capture.’
    Thanks For Sharing – Dave

  • Hi Dave, thanks for the kind words. That scene is truly one of those moments when everything comes together so beautifully, and you experience God in nature. I feel blessed to live in this beautiful place.

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