Top 20 reasons why Wearing a Face Mask is Good

On June 23rd, Governor Jay Inslee issued a statewide face covering order. On Friday, June 26th, it will be mandatory when out in public spaces.

I’ll admit it. I detest wearing a face mask. I get hot, my glasses fog up. It rubs all my makeup off and it makes my face bright neon red.

So, needing to find the good and the humor in this hated task, I decided to write down some positives of wearing a face mask.

Top 20 ‘Lemonade from Lemons’ of Mask Wearing

  1. It hides your double chin
  2. You save money on lipstick
  3. Brushing your teeth? Who needs it?
  4. Halitosis issues are now only your own
  5. You can finally chew gum with your mouth open without annoying other people
  6. Everyone is learning to “smize”
  7. No need to shave or pluck those pesky chin hairs
  8. Playing doctor with your honey is that much easier
  9. You get use out of what you bought during your “scarf phase”
  10. No more creeps telling you “You’d be so much prettier if you smiled”
  11. No more awkward fake smiles at people you don’t like in public
  12. You don’t have to put coverup on pimples
  13. People might not recognize you, so you can go out on bad hair days
  14. You can save money on teeth whitening
  15. A designer label fashion piece that won’t break the bank
  16. Ripping it off feels so good
  17. You have new subject matter for your selfies
  18. You can mouth bad words to people and they won’t know
  19. You might not die or cause the death of someone else
  20. You’re helping us get back to normal sooner

Have some others to add to our list? Just leave a comment.

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