Top 10 Snoqualmie Valley Photos of 2017

As many readers know, the active Living Snoqualmie Facebook page shares a lot of photos of the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley… most of them submitted by local photographers (professional and hobby) and residents, but a few also taken by us.

At the end of each year, we track the total “reach” of all photos shared on our page – as compiled within Facebook insights – to rank the top 10 photos.

For Facebook, “reach” is the number of Facebook feeds the photos went through, which is impacted by the engagement (likes, comments, shares) the photo received. Essentially, the more engagement the photos get from page followers, the more feeds they get pushed through.

Thank you to everyone who submitted and shared photos with us. We hope you’ll continue to do so in 2018 – just message them to the Facebook page or email to

[Note: This is the first year some of our photographs made it on this list.]

Here are the Top 10 Photos for 2017 

10)  Snoqualmie Falls Sunset and Rainbow by TAustin Photography, 6/15/2017

9)  Snoqualmie Snow Glow by Dave Mills, 2/6/17

8)  Elk Crossing the Snoqualmie River by Gary Anderson, 2/27/17

7)  Mount Si Snow Reflection by Don Detrick, 2/8/17

6)  Mount Si Sunset from Olallie State Park by Manju Shekhar, 6/21/17

5)  Mount Si, Rainbow and a Few Elk by Jeannine Martindale, 5/12/17

4)  Decisions, Decision by Gary Anderson, 8/28/17

3)  Mount Si Class of 2017 Graduation Day by Living Snoqualmie, 6/9/17

2)  Snoqualmie Valley Snow, Sunset & Elk Golf by Manju Shekhar, 1/10/17

1)  What a Difference Four Days Makes at the Falls by Living Snoqualmie, 2/10/17



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  • If anyone has Instagram, search the hashtag #facesofsi I created. A lot of really good photos people have tagged with the hashtag and posted on the Instagram platform.

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