Top 10 Snoqualmie Valley Photos of 2013

The Living Snoqualmie Facebook page is a busy place.  One of the best parts of maintaining that social media page is getting to share photos taken around the Snoqualmie Valley – both by professional photographers, readers and by myself.

After sharing hundreds of photos over the course of the year, we went back and tracked the most popular Snoqualmie Valley photos from 2013.

To determine the top ten, the number of likes, shares and comments for each photo were all tallied. Some of the most popular Snoqualmie Valley attractions made the list, but some other popular photos may surprise you.

These are the Top 10 Snoqualmie Valley Photos shared on the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page.  Keep sending in those photos!

10)  Rattlesnake Lake Sunset Summer 2013 by Manju Shekhar

Manju shares a lot of his photos with Living Snoqualmie – and we’re glad photography one of his favorite hobbies.  This is one of his most popular pictures shared with the blog’s social media followers in September.

Sunset at Rattlesnake Lake, Summer 2013.  By Manju Shekhar

9)  December Sunrise over the Snoqualmie River by Living Snoqualmie

I pulled the car over while taking my child to school on December 12th in order to take this photo from one of my favorite Snoqualmie River spots near Carmichael’s Hardware Store.  The whole sky was pink and red – and even with my son’s protest, we still made it to school on time.


8) Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River by Sandy Horvath

Sandy actually waded into the Snoqualmie River to get this beautiful shot this past August.  Thank you Sandy!


7)  Mt. Si Fall Reflection by Manju Shekhar

Manju captured the crystal clear reflection of Mt Si in Boarst Lake (Mill Pond) during the fall, right as the changing leaves were at their brightest.  If you flip the picture could you tell?  Over 200 clicked like and 31 shared this one on Facebook.


6)  Icy Snoqualmie Falls by Alan Bauer

A week-long cold spell froze made a frozen spectacle of Snoqualmie Falls in early December.  Professional and novice photographers flocked to the falls when word of its frozen beauty got out.  Alan was one of the first to send in a photo of the icy amazement.  Alan’s photo was shared nearly 75 times on Facebook.


5)  Snoqualmie Falls Spring Beauty by Danny Raphael

North Bend resident Danny Raphael sent in many photos this year, and this was one of his most popular according to social media stats – ‘Friday at the Falls’  taken on May 3rd.  This photo was shared 112 times on Facebook.  Wow!


4)  Misty Morning Sunrise with Snoqualmie Valley Elk by Jennifer Bolvin

You never quite know when the infamous Snoqualmie elk herd will be out at Meadowbrook Farm, but when they are you know you can count on lots of driver pulling over on SR 202 to photograph them.  Jennifer actually took this picture with her cell phone. It was shared nearly 100 times around Facebook land, with 350 people clicking the like button.


3)  No Fog Here – Just Red, Red Trees by Living Snoqualmie

As most of the Puget Sound region was socked in with fog in October, Snoqualmie Ridge was basking in sunshine.  This is Swenson Drive in the Deer Park neighborhood and was taken with a cell phone during an afternoon run.  I had no idea so many people would connect with this fall photo.  About 450 people clicked the like button, with nearly 40 leaving comments.  Who knew red fall trees would elicit such a big response?


2)  Mount Si Class of 2013 Graduates; Hats off to Them by Paige McCall

Taken with a cell phone by my daughter after she gave up her seat in the home bleachers to her grandmother.  She watched the June ceremony from the visitors bleachers, which enabled her to get this great shot of the traditional ‘throwing of hats,’ signaling the end of the 2013 Mount Si Graduation Ceremony.  Over 420 hit the like button, with 20 sharing the picture – and lots leaving comments.


1) Fall Valley Morning by Rana Hoover

Drum roll please! Rana Hoover wins the 2013 title for the most popular Snoqulamie Valley photo shared on the Living Snoqualmie Facebook page.  She said the sight of the river and the sunrise took her breath away on November 21st.  She was in the right place at the right time and luckily had her cell phone along to capture the moment.  Taken near Three Forks Dog Park in Snoqualmie. Nearly 600 people clicked like; over 40 left comments; and the photo was shared nearly 140 times.


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  • I echo Sandy’s comments and greatly appreciate the Living Snoqualmie site. It’s a treasure… and so are you. ~DannyR~

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