Too much heavy use, disregard for social distancing: North Bend closes all Playgrounds, Sports Courts, Skateparks

On Monday, March 23, 2020, North Bend Mayor Mayor Rob McFarland issued Executive Order No. 20-02, which exercises his emergency powers to close certain active recreational areas in all city parks and open spaces.

According to a city news release, the order is a result of the continued worldwide spread of COVID-19, its significant progression in Washington State and the high risk it poses to our most vulnerable populations.

“Due to the continued heavy use in parks with too much disregard for safe practices recommendations, it is necessary to close playgrounds, skate parks, sports courts, ballfields and picnic shelters in order to achieve better adherence to the public health recommendations of practicing social distancing,” Mayor McFarland said in his proclamation.

According to the Executive Order No. 20-02, the following measures are effective immediately:

  • Playgrounds, sports courts, skate parks, BMX bike parks, ballfields and picnic shelters shall be closed immediately. This closure includes all basketball and tennis courts, ballfields when used for group sport activities but not for passive walking, relaxation or picnics, and all other active recreation areas where people may be in close contact. Parks, open space and trails shall remain open for walking and activities that do not require close proximity and allow for the recommended social distancing of a minimum of six feet (6’) between people. Restrooms will remain open to allow users the ability to wash their hands as recommended by public health authorities.
  • This Executive Order shall apply to all public parks located within the corporate limits of the City of North Bend whether owned or operated by the City of North Bend, Si View Metropolitan Park District or by a homeowner’s association.
  • Staff is directed to place signs at playgrounds and active recreation areas advising the public of this closure.
  • Violations of this order may result in civil infractions being issued and fines up to $500 for each violation.
Tollgate Farm Park in North Bend, WA

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  • For the ones that continue to infect others shame on you we can only hope your elders will survive this virus…

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