Three Spooky Snoqualmie Homes named winners of Halloween Decorating Contest

Inspired by all the creative Halloween yard displays throughout her neighborhood, last year Snoqualmie resident and local real estate agent Nadia Schmieder launched a Snoqualmie Ridge Halloween Yard Decorating contest – offering $200 gift card to a Snoqualmie business of the winner’s choice as the grand prize.

Nadia said she hopes participation will grow in the coming years, but was still really impressed with the three homes that entered the contest this year. For 2018 she decided that all three homes won ( and all three will get the $200 gift cards), but that with more participation next year she would probably put it up for a vote  or create a voting committee.

Here’s the address of the winners for those who feel like checking out the Halloween spirit these homeowners created:

  • 7726 Fisher Ave SE
  • 6221 Silent Creek Ave SE
  • 7005 Fairway Ave SE

Nadia commented, “I am happy to sponsor these, and start the holidays season cheer.”

Happy Halloween Snoqualmie Valley!

You see videos of the winning homes by visiting Nadia’s Facebook page: HERE  – or scroll down to see them below.

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  • How do we enter the Halloween house contest? I’ve done a haunted house in the ironwood neighborhood for the past 2 years.. and only just learned there was a contest! Would love to enter next year maybe?

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