Three Snoqualmie Bear Sightings in Last Three Nights; Time to Lock up that Garbage

Three different Snoqualmie Ridge bear sighting locations were reported in the past three nights.  Again, the bears are hungry and out looking for garbage in the affected areas.

Bears can become trained to particular neighborhoods after just one successful “dumpster dive.”  Case in point, my old house.  For a few years, the home’s new occupants had left the garbage container near the side yard, but not behind the fence.  A bear got into the can this summer and drageed a bag of garbage into the woods.   Since then, a bear has been spotted returning to the cul-de-sac looking for more food.  We lived there six years and never once saw a bear.

The three Snoqualmie Ridge sightings are:

  • Heather Ave and Dogwood Lane neighborhood on Wednesday night, August 22nd.  Reader Heather Hansen reported that the bear was spotted on Dogwood and Heather going after garbage again around 2AM.  This neighborhood has had numerous bear sightings this summer.
  • Corner of Warren Ave and Kinsey Street near Snoqualmie Community Park and retail area.  Reader Cindi Robel reported the bear was in her backyard on Thursday night, August 23rd.  Cindi said they awoke to their neighbor’s garbage strewn all around their backyard – diapers included.  A bear was spotted in this neighborhood a couple of weeks back and entered an alley where children were present.
  • In the alleyway of the 7000 block of Curtis Drive around 3:15AM last night, August 24th.  Reader Leslie Bartlett said, a  “big ol’ black bear knocked over my neighbors garbage can, tried to open a bag of garbage but was unsuccessful; left after a few minutes.”

In all of these incidents, the bears were looking for food via garbage containers.  It appears they are trained.  If you live in an area where bears are active, Fish and Wildlife and city officials recommend storing garbage containers inside garages (if possible) and not putting out garbage containers until collection morning.  They say this is the simplest way to keep the bears away from your neighborhoods.

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  • Why oh why are people so opposed to either putting them in the garage or locking them up properly? This is so frustrating to continue to read about.

    We had a GIANT garbage mess on the Silent Creek trail this week. Lots of bits of dirty diapers and lovely items.

    People, it’s not rocket science, please! be responsible and do the right thing.

  • There was some interesting bear scat near the duck pond that appears to be partially digested plastic bags…

  • Amy, thank you for your post. I feel the same way. Lately our neighborhood has become a hotspot for a bear and garbage was all over the place. All because people do not put their garbage in their garage or in a bear proof garbage can.

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