Three Local Moms Launch Cascara Concierge to Help Families Reclaim Their Time

Here in the Snoqualmie Valley, three enterprising women—Amy Kosche, Kerri Peterson, and Morgan Jones—have come together to launch Cascara Concierge, a service dedicated to helping local families reclaim their precious time.

Drawing on decades of corporate experience and a deep understanding of community needs, these women are transforming how people manage their daily lives.

A Journey from Corporate to Community

Amy Kosche: Dedicated to Connection

Amy’s journey is a testament to her resilience and dedication to making a positive impact. With extensive experience in corporate project management for major tech companies, she has honed her skills in managing communications, building strong relationships, and driving impactful initiatives. However, after a recent corporate layoff, she sought something more meaningful.

Growing up in Duvall, Amy’s roots in Snoqualmie Valley run deep, and she cherishes the strong sense of community here. Helping others has always been her passion. Amy is the “glue” in her friend groups and fosters a sense of belonging and warmth, keeping everyone connected.

Amy’s personal experiences and unwavering commitment to the community are at the heart of Cascara Concierge’s mission. Amy enjoys life with her two daughters, fiancé, and pets. Whether relaxing by the fireplace during a snowstorm, exploring local restaurants, or unwinding in Chelan, she values every moment with her loved ones.

Kerri Peterson: Love What You Do

Kerri’s journey epitomizes the power of passion in achieving success. In her corporate career, she embraced every moment, learning valuable lessons that fueled her entrepreneurial spirit. Grounded in values of respect, integrity, and compassion, Kerri is driven by a deep connection with people and a desire to foster growth. This led her to co-found Cascara Concierge with like-minded women to create supportive environments and simplify daily challenges.

Known for her creative flair and meticulous attention, Kerri ensures each client receives personalized care. Her family, especially her husband and children, and her joy in watching local youth sports bring her great happiness. Kerri finds peace in the Cascades, reflected in her morning ritual of coffee on her porch, gazing at Mount Si.

Morgan Jones: Champion of Connections

Morgan’s career has always been fueled by her passion for forging personal connections, cultivating trustworthy relationships, and consistently delivering results that surpass expectations.

As a community builder, Morgan is distinguished by her integrity, trustworthiness, and compassion. She motivates others to believe in themselves, work diligently, and uncover their unique strengths—everyone has something special!A Pacific Northwest native, Morgan spent most of her life in Seattle and often stops to chat when she sees familiar faces and unique connections from over the years.

In 2019, Morgan moved to North Bend and loves shopping locally and embracing community culture and events. Morgan loves spending time with her family, staying active with her dogs, practicing hot yoga to calm her mind, and running trails to find space to think. Her love for the Snoqualmie Valley, her new home, fuels her passion for connecting with and helping her community.

Cascara Concierge: A Vision Rooted in Community

After the unexpected corporate layoffs of 2023, Amy, Kerri, and Morgan began meeting weekly at a local coffee shop, sharing resumes, networking opportunities, and mutual support. With five decades of combined experience in operations, marketing, and event management, they began contemplating a new direction. They recognized that, in our fast-paced society, we often lose touch with the art of slowing down to enjoy simple pleasures and the need for people to balance work and personal life better.

This led to the birth of Cascara, a business dedicated to easing the burden of endless to-do lists and giving people time to savor life’s special moments. By fostering a culture of pause and appreciation, they hope to create a more connected and fulfilling world, prioritizing community and meaningful experiences.

Immersing themselves in the community, the founders connected with local business leaders, the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Snoqualmie Valley Innovation Center. They became Team Mentors in Empower Youth’s Valley Innovation Project (VIP), sharing business knowledge with students. Cascara’s reputation has flourished through community events, ribbon cuttings, social media, and satisfied clients. Proudly, they are presenting sponsors at the International Snoqualmie Block Party on September 7.

The Name and Its Significance

The name “Cascara” is inspired by the cascara tree, which is native to the area and reflects the company’s deep connection to the local environment and community values.

Just as the cascara tree is rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Cascara Concierge is committed to rooting itself in the Snoqualmie Valley community, offering services that promote a more manageable life for local families.

Comprehensive Services for the Home

Cascara Concierge offers a wide range of services designed to fit the needs of Snoqualmie Valley residents.

For local families, Cascara is like a personal assistant, taking care of household tasks and providing home management services. This allows residents to spend their weekends enjoying leisure activities instead of being tied down by chores.

How It Works

Contact the team through their website to schedule a consultation, discuss your specific needs and preferences, and create a customized plan that fits you. Once the client agreement is signed, Cascara will get to work. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help but don’t see a specific service on their site, feel free to reach out and chat about what they can do for you.

Cascara Helps Calm Post-Covid Chaos

Local Dianne utilized Cascara Concierge for two significant projects: organizing her chaotic garage post-Covid and clearing out large furniture pieces. She was initially hesitant about hiring strangers but felt comfortable after meeting Morgan at a family dinner. Dianne discovered Cascara through their website and reached out to Morgan with questions.

Her initial expectations were high after speaking with Morgan, who, along with Kerri, visited Dianne’s home to discuss project details. Said Dianne about the meeting, “Morgan and Kerri came to my home to discuss the details of what I wanted to accomplish. When they left my home, I was so motivated and excited. FINALLY moving forward!”

The team managed the entire process, including scheduling a moving truck to donate furniture to Habitat for Humanity. Their professionalism, efficiency, and care for her belongings impressed Dianne greatly.

Dianne was extremely satisfied with the results, noting the team’s efficiency and the transformative factor in her garage. “Kerri and Morgan work amazingly well with each other, and they are so efficient. They completed the garage in 10 hours!! If you saw the before and after, it is a “WOW” factor.”

Due to the team’s fast and energetic work, she felt the service provided excellent value for money. The project’s completion brought her peace and motivated her to tackle more tasks independently. Says Dianne, “I have recommended Cascara to people I work with and a couple of good friends! They are fast, efficient, and so careful of your ‘stuff’.”

Dianne believes organizing and concierge services are increasingly necessary in today’s fast-paced world, especially after the disruptions caused by Covid. She highlighted the benefits for those overwhelmed by clutter and downsizing families. She emphasized the team’s genuine care for their clients and belongings, predicting Cascara’s great success.

Dianne praised Cascara for their caring approach and efficiency, “Cascara is fantastic, and I believe it is the people creating it that make it great. Because of who they are, I believe the business will be a great success. They care! I FEEL their caring, not only about doing a good job and helping a person get organized, but also, they actually care about helping others!!! FIVE STARS”

Making Life Easier, One Task at a Time

Cascara Concierge is an innovative new service provider that takes on everyday tasks and responsibilities, allowing clients to focus on the moments that truly matter.

With a dedication to exceptional service and community values, Cascara Concierge transforms lives one task at a time. From home management to personal errands, their comprehensive services are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

For more information about Cascara Concierge and its services, visit their website or contact them to schedule a consultation. Amy, Kerri, and Morgan hope to improve our wonderful community by giving people time to relax and enjoy life.

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