Three "Drive-Aways" in One Week Leaves Gateway Gas Station a Few Pumps Short

photoYes, you read that right.  In about one week’s time, three separate drivers have pumped gas into their cars and then driven away with the gas pump still attached, breaking three gas pumps at Gateway Gas and Deli on Snoqualmie Ridge.  A fourth pump is also out of commission, but just for a simple broken valve.

The Gateway Gas manager said she found it hard to believe (as did I) that three cars all could make the same mistake in such a short span of time.  She said that she had to view the video footage several times to really believe it.

Gateway Gas, the only gas station on Snoqualmie Ridge, is in the process of fixing the four broken pumps, but the parts come from California – so they’re waiting.  The pumps are designed to break-away in the event of a “drive-away,” but they still ended up damaged.

Until then, don’t blame Gateway Gas for not maintaining their pumps, it seems simple human forgetfulness is to blame.

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  • People mad about the high prices of gas there??? Or maybe it’s just the cold weather…

  • Maybe Gateway should consider turning off the Audio ads that speak to you from the pump. They are distracting. And no, it wasn’t me. I do, however jump into my car to get away from the loud, annoying audio.

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