The Year in Review: Top Ten Feel Good Living Snoqualmie Stories of 2023

As 2023 ends, we thought we’d look back at the past year’s best stories (no traffic reports!).

The list was compiled using Living Snoqualmie website traffic statistics/analytics. There were many sad stories, and I’m SKIPPING them all!

So here are the top ten feel-good stories on Living Snoqualmie in 2023.

10) Baker, a Canine Lost and Found Christmas Miracle? (Part One) 02/17/2023

This was a two-part story told to me by Becka Hoefs and Ken Poore about their nine-day ordeal to find Baker, the Cattle dog, who had run off after being spooked during a training run near Three Forks Dog Park. The story was a testament to what a community can do for each other, even during an ice storm over the holidays.

9) A Sneak Peek into PAWS New Wildlife Center in Snohomish 06/18/2023

I was originally going to write this one myself but made the good decision to have Snoqualmie resident Susan Burk tag along to tour Paws new Wildlife Center. Susan very accurately wrote about the new facility and painted a good picture of how much better this center would be and how much it is needed in our area. It was a fascinating read, and I was on the tour! Thanks, Susan

8) Friend or Foe? A Guide to the Bee-wildering Array of Black and Yellow Flying Insects 7/12/2023

If you know me, you know my favorite critter is the Western Bumblebee or Bombus Occidentalis. But there are so many other bees in the area that I enlisted the aid of local etymologist Lu Edwards to help me make sense of everything buzzy. Said Lu, “No matter what insect we see (like them or not), they all play an integral part in our ecosystem. They all serve a purpose. Without them, our Earth would be in severe crisis or complete failure. We must coexist.”

7) Emily Hamilton: From Mount Si High School Cheerleader to Miss Washington’s Teen 2023 08/08/2023

Mt Si High School’s own Emily Hamilton won the title of Miss Washington’s Teen 2023 in June. Emily’s triumph is even more remarkable, given her neurodivergent status. With ADHD, high-functioning autism, and social communication disorder, Emily has faced challenges but is determined not to let her neurological disabilities define her.

Instead, she says, “I want to inspire other girls who might have been born on the spectrum just to be themselves. Although we may have to work ten times harder to be just as good, anything is possible.”

6) A Taste of Autumn: Friends and Flavors at the Salish Lodge 10/31/2023

Almost nothing is better than a nice girls’ night out at a delicious restaurant. This past fall, I got to go to my happy place, the Salish Lodge & Spa, with two girlfriends and have a 3-hour long dinner with a fabulous waitress. We started a new tradition of celebrating every new season by doing the same thing. Look out, Salish and Luvlee, we’ll be back!

5) Living Snoqualmie Regional Reads: We Are Not Strangers by North Bend Artist Josh Tuininga 09/15/2023

I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses, artists and writers.  So, when I found out that North Bend local Josh Tuininga had written a graphic novel, ‘We Are Not Strangers,’ I knew I had to give it a read. Initially unsure if I’d like the format, I was drawn into the story of Papoo, a Sephardic Jewish immigrant whose ties to his Japanese neighbors highlight the common human spirit that thrives despite divisive cultural and political circumstances.

If you still haven’t read this book. Pick it up and give it a read.

4) Snoqualmie Valley History: History of Mount Si 11/19/2023

Occasionally, a Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum staff member will contribute to Living Snoqualmie with an article about some aspect of our beloved Valley’s history. This time, Kaitlyn Murray wrote a fascinating historical account of Mt. Si and Josiah Merrit, aka Uncle Si, the man for whom the mountain was named.

3) Kindness is Contagious as Snoqualmie Valley Community Helps Chewy 09/28/2023

Guest poster and local dog trainer Andrea Logan wrote a sweet article about how the Valley community helped a needy dog named Chewy. Between a Good Samaritan, Valley Animal Partners, an anonymous donor, and Valley citizens, Chewy’s owner, Terry, could pay for a surgery Chewy needed to maintain the quality of his life.

“What a unique and heart-warming welcome from the people in the Snoqualmie Valley to a man and his dog down on their luck. It all started with one simple act of kindness that grew.”

2)  Snoqualmie Ridge Wildlife Lovers Rally to Help an Animal in Trouble 05/30/2023

In a heartwarming display of community effort and compassion for wildlife, a group of residents successfully captured an injured bald eagle found in the woods behind a house near Woody Creek Park. The remarkable rescue mission occurred over the weekend, highlighting the importance of community involvement and expertise when dealing with wildlife emergencies.

1)  Pulte Homes Step up to Help Local Legend 100-year-old Burt Mann 06/30/2023

North Bend resident Tom Armour and Pulte Homes helped to alleviate the burden of watering the plants by his bench for North Bend’s local hero Burt Mann. Within just hours of being contacted in June, a team from Pulte Homes met with Burt. By 10:30 a.m., four new sprinklers were installed and functioning, bathing Burt’s cherished garden in water. A once difficult task had become a moment of joy for Burt, who was visibly moved.

The joyous event signifies a powerful reminder of the impact of community solidarity and reaching out to help others.

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