A Taste of Autumn: Friends and Flavors at the Salish Lodge

As the leaves begin their vibrant dance to warmer hues, I’ve started a tradition among my friends — a season-inspired dinner at the Salish Lodge & Spa. This year was no exception, and the experience was as wonderful as fall itself.

Bre, ever the enthusiast for seasonal traditions, summed up the evening perfectly. “The pumpkin miso risotto tastes like all the cozy parts of fall,” she shared, her words painting a vivid picture of comfort. “The crunchiness of the hazelnut was also very much appreciated, and the arugula brings out an earthy tone to this light refreshing dinner that made me stop and savor every bite.” Bre, like many of us, finds herself lost in the embrace of the Salish window view, a breathtaking spectacle that never fails to capture your eyes.

Our feast was accompanied by the gentle clinks of Prosecco glasses, a bubbly companion to the risotto. Jessica, with a penchant for the hearty, opted for the Duroc Pork Chop. “Absolutely delish,” she declared, her voice carrying the satisfaction of the meal. The chop was tender, juicy, and, as Jessica playfully admitted, “one of the best pork chops I’ve ever had—sorry, Mom!”

My choice reminded me of Thanksgiving. The Northwest Free-Range Chicken had that savory sage reminiscent of holiday feasts, paired with sweet potato gnocchi and a supremely supreme sauce. Each dish was wonderful. I made sure to try them all, but I believe my own selection won my heart and tastebuds the most.

The drinks, from ‘Apples in Autumn’ to a classic Old Fashioned, were a testament to the Salish Lodge’s creativity. Bre’s choice of Prosecco, followed by a shared bottle, captured the spirit of our gathering — effervescent and shared. The starter bread with an innovative olive oil candle and balsamic vinegar, crispy Brussel sprouts, followed by an amuse-bouche that was as whimsical as it was delicious, set the stage for the main courses.

A shared piece of Chocolate Mousse Cake was the crescendo of the night. “Rich, thick, and flavorful” is how Bre described the indulgent dessert. The chocolate mousse cake found its match with a glass of Januik red wine, a pairing as perfect as the sunset view from our table.

Our evening was made even more exceptional by one person. While all staff was attentive, our waitress, Luvlee, was easily the most memorable part of the evening. Gracious and friendly, we all felt like we made a new friend that night. We’ll all be back and hope to see her again.

As our nearly three-hour dinner ended, we were all in agreement — this tradition of celebrating the new season at Salish Lodge is one we want to carry on. With full stomachs, we promised to return, hoping to relive the night’s magic and, of course, to see the lovely Luvlee once more

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