The City of North Bend Joins the Saving Water Partnership, Expands Conservation Effort with New Resources and Rebates

At the July 20th North Bend City Council meeting, Councilmembers unanimously approved a contract for the City to join the Saving Water Partnershipa collaboration between Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and 17 water purveyors that purchase water from SPU.

The Saving Water Partnership is a water conservation program that offers tips, tools and rebates to help people preserve the region’s water for future generations.  With North Bend’s membership in the SWP, residents will have access to free on-site evaluations from SPU staff to find ways to use water wisely, leak detection kits, rebates for replacing aging plumbing fixtures and appliances with more water-efficient models; as well as landscaping assessments and rebates.

The city is excited to offer expanded educational materials, on-site evaluations, and valuable rebates with the Saving Water Partnership to support its ongoing water conservation efforts.

The SWP will also collaborate with the City to provide future community outreach programs like its popular K thru 8th-grade in-class conservation presentations and informational booths at community events like the North Bend Block Party, the Festival at Mount Si and the North Bend Farmers Market.

Since its formation, members of the Saving Water Partnership have been committed to conserving water. The conservation program is a key factor in the steady decline of water consumption since 1990, even while the region’s population has grown.

Mayor McFarland commented, “Joining the Saving Water Partnership is the natural next step for the City’s conservation efforts. We’re committed to conservation and have proven we can reduce water consumption. By now adding SWP’s key educational  resources, rebate programs, and on-site evaluations for home and business owners, we feel we can set the standard for water conservation in the Snoqualmie Valley.”

Look for more information about programs available through the Saving Water Partnership on the City’s website soon.

[Courtesy of the City of North Bend]

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    1. Please build more affordable housing so families have a place to call home and simply pass an ordinance to not allow watering of lawns and mandate low flow fixtures make up the difference. Simple and effective.

  • There’s already not enough water to go around, stop developing and inviting more growth where we can’t afford it. It’s not a difficult concept.

  • Living Snoqualmie