The Beauty Of The Rainbow Over Mt Si

Paige's Rainbow Picture Through The Tinted Window

There was a beautiful rainbow over Mt. Si the other day.  There have been days and days of crazy weather in the valley lately.  Wind storms, followed by rain storms and floods, followed by fierce thunderstorms.  But there was  beautiful rainbow over Mt. Si – and MSHS – on Monday.  I asked my daughter to roll down the car window and take a picture for me.  She argued that she could take the picture with the window up.  I protested.  I wanted the best picture possible.  In the end I let her do it her way thinking I would prove a point.  But she was right.  I apologized.  Kind of fitting that my tinted windows could not dull the beauty of that rainbow.

My daughter and I spoke of rainbows three months ago after she lost her friend.  We talked and wondered if her heart would ache a little less each day.  Yes, it would  always hurt… but hopefully just a little less each day.  I think that’s how healing works.   Some days are better than others.  Setbacks happen.  It’s all part of the journey I guess.  Annie is my proof of this.

I hope this holiday season brings some joy to everyone.  I have a daughter and friends who are grieving and healing.  I have friends with husbands, mothers and sisters battling cancer.   I hold all these people in my heart and send out the warmest holiday wishes – knowing how hard this time of year can be if you are hurting.

Sometimes it seems the hardships of life can dull some of the beauty.  It’s still there, though.  Like the dulled rainbow through my tinted car window.  The camera still captured it – and when I rolled down the window it was just as beautiful – only brighter as it watched over this beautiful place I where I live.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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  • Once again you have touched my heart. Thank you. One day at a time…sometimes moment to moment. Merry Christmas to you, dear ones.

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