Talented Teens: Snoqualmie Rock Band LocoMotive rockin’ their way through high school

Take three kids and one music program and what do you get? Well, a rock band, of course.  LocoMotive to be precise.

It started in 2012 at Big Star Studios. Bella Mariani met brothers Ryan and Ethan Horn in the ‘Rock Stars’ music program. All three say they had a musical calling.

For Bella it was her first show at Finaghty’s with one of the Big Star Studios bands that sealed the deal. She said, “I was incredibly nervous, but once I got to the second verse I was in love. I’ve always loved and wanted to write music since I was little, but this particular moment really set it in stone for me.”

Ryan said for him it was listening to a Joe Satriani album called ‘Is There Love in Space?’  He said he listened to the title track, ‘Gnaahh,’ over and over until he could sing every note. He explained, “When I found out that those sounds all came from one man and a guitar, I was sold.”

It was pretty simple for Ethan who said he knew music was his calling when he watched a video of Neil Peart – the drummer for Rush – for the first time.

So Locomotive was born – with Bella on vocals and bass, Ryan on guitar and Ethan on drums. They’ve gone through a few lineup changes over the years, but this trio has been in place exclusively since 2015 and are now rocking their way through high school.

To date they have three EP’s: El Shusho (2015); No Toby No!! (2016); and h’Supertornado (2017), with all three titles inspired by funny things their teachers have said in class at some point during the year.

AND earlier this month LocoMotive was selected by Seattle radio station, KISW, as their Band of the Week. The honor included an on air “bumper spot” promotion during BJ & Migs morning show and the band’s songs were also played during Sunday night’s  ‘Loud and Local’ show. 

So who’s helped these musical kids develop their talent over the past few years? Bella said the teachers at Big Star Studios have helped her a lot over the years, as well as Davey French who owns a studio in downtown Snoqualmie and is part of the rock band Everclear.

Ethan said being part of the Twin Falls Jazz band really helped, along with his drum teacher Shane Shook. Ryan said there’s probably too many people to count, but pretty much every guitar teacher, band mate, or fellow musician he’s known has helped him improve along the way.

All three say they will probably pursue music after high school, although none is sure where they might end up for college. Bella said they want to keep the band together for as long as possible.

And they’re devoted. When asked how many hours a day do you practice, Bella answered, “How many hours are there in a day?”

Seriously, though, it takes a lot of devotion. Ethan said he still practices about two hours a day outside of school jazz band practices. Ryan said he puts in about three hours a day, adding, “more if my parents don’t interrupt.”

The hard work seems to be paying off. In addition to their EP’s and radio air time, LocoMotive is currently part of a 3-band teen rock band project called ‘3-Cubed… 3 bands, 3 songs each, 3 shows… partnering with the bands Splitting Silence and Butter Boy to release a 9-song CD next month and then perform three shows together in April, May and June.

LocoMotive has performed many places around the Snoqualmie Valley, as well as in Seattle. Bella’s favorite venue played so far was the Triple Door with Massey Ferguson. For Ethan it was the main stage of the Crocodile Cafe. Ryan said Finaghty’s is his favorite spot – in front of the hometown crowd.

If you can’t catch one of their live performances, you can still enjoy their music as it’s all available with online streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and can be downloaded for free at LocoMotive.bandcamp.com.

You can also catch their new video below, which was filmed entirely in Snoqualmie.

Good Luck LocoMotive!



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