Head of Snoqualmie Valley Schools, Aune, Named Top Candidate for Richland Superintendent

Wednesday, April 10, 2013, the head of Snoqualmie Valley Schools, Joel Aune, was named one of three finalists for the open Richland School District superintendent position in Eastern Washington. Richland had … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley School District Closed For A Third Snow Day – Thursday, January 19th

Fresh off the heals of two consecutive snow days,  SVSD officials just announced , "Due to inclement weather and road conditions all Snoqualmie Valley School District schools will be closed again on Thursday, … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: School District Revisits Middle School Math Pathways

Thank you to Danelle Gonzalez & Steph Hager for this follow-up guest blog on my recent SVSD Math Curriculum story.  Along with them, I am very positive that some significant changes are in the works.  Read … [Read more...]