Washington State Whooping Cough Epidemic Grows to Over 3,000 Cases; CDC Says Childhood Vaccine Might Wear Off Early

In April, the Washington State Department of Health declared whooping cough (pertussis) had hit epidemic levels in our state as it crossed 2,000 reported cases. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) brought in … [Read more...]

North Bend, Snoqualmie and SVSD At Last Agree On Impact Fee Liability Language – SVSD School Board To Vote To Approve Language at March 22nd Meeting

There are two resolutions on tomorrow's Snoqualmie Valley School District School Board Meeting agenda.  They are Resolutions 772 and 773 and listed as action items, meaning the school board should be voting to … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley School Board Challengers Share Their Big Change

What inspires a person to run for school board against a seated incumbent?  Or for that matter, any elected position?  It's expensive, labor-intensive, and let's face it, takes guts.  What is the driving force … [Read more...]