North Bend, Snoqualmie and SVSD At Last Agree On Impact Fee Liability Language – SVSD School Board To Vote To Approve Language at March 22nd Meeting

There are two resolutions on tomorrow’s Snoqualmie Valley School District School Board Meeting agenda.  They are Resolutions 772 and 773 and listed as action items, meaning the school board should be voting to approve or not approve them.  These resolutions are key to SVSD at last collecting its increased impact fee.

Officials for both cities and SVSD officals and representatives have been meeting for the past year to come to agreement on the liability language needed for Snoqualmie and North Bend to begin collecting the tripled impact fee.  Currently the City of Snoqualmie only collects the $2700 2010 impact fee, stating  it required greater legal indemnification language in case area builders legally challenge the increased fee.  The 2012 impact fee is set at approximately $8500.  The 2011 fee was $8100.

According to Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson, “The City and District have finally agreed on liability language.  The [School] Board will be voting to approve the new language.  Once done, we will all proceed to approve the new higher fee.”

For more information on the impact fee history please read an earlier Living Snoqualmie story on the subject.   You can read the City of North Bend resolution here.  You can read the City of Snoqualmie resolution here.

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