Suspect in Stolen Vehicle Arrested in North Bend After Eluding Police, Linked to Homicide Investigation

On April 21, 2024, a North Bend Police Officer located an occupied stolen vehicle in the 400 block of SW Mt Si Blvd.  

 The officer attempted to contact the male suspect, but he fled as the officer walked up to the truck. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Bendigo Blvd, the suspect continued to flee and elude officers.  

 They did not initiate a pursuit in compliance with state law and Snoqualmie PD policy. 

Officers flooded the area and located the suspect vehicle at Ballarat Ave S and E 2nd St. The driver jumped out of the moving truck, which then collided with the North Bend Montessori School. 

Officers successfully took the driver into custody after a short foot chase. Once he was identified, the driver was found to have several active warrants for his arrest. North Bend officers attempted to book the suspect on his warrants, but he was declined for booking at two jails after claiming he had swallowed fentanyl. The suspect was released to a hospital for medical treatment to prevent an overdose. 

 Later in the day, supervisors on duty learned the suspect was a person of interest in a homicide and robbery in Fife, WA. The Snoqualmie Police Department team has been actively working with Fife PD investigators, including turning over the truck and other evidentiary items for their investigation. 

[Information provided by the Snoqualmie Police Department]

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  • Thank You Officers!! Your always in my thoughts and prayers. Your service is always respected. A USAF veteran.

  • What are you kidding he is free. He was sfnt to the hospital then released. Hes a free man. Can’t think of a better outcome to an area that keeps putting people in office who think criminals are victims. Votes have consequences . Most of you who live in king cant be upset by this. This kind of thing is exactly what “Most ” of you voted for. I am always amazed at how people get so furious when they are getting just what they voted for ??!! Wake up. November is coming. Then we will see just how serious the citizens of King County/Washington state are about crime. If its like the last 12 years. Your in for more of the same plus some.

  • Living Snoqualmie