Police: Suspect in SR 18 Road Rage Shooting near Tiger Mt summit arrested

Via press release the Washington State Patrol said a suspect in a road rage shooting incident was recently arrested.

WSP explained that around 6:15PM on August 6, 2019, they received a 911 call stating that the driver of a red Toyota Tacoma pickup had fired shots at a silver Chevrolet Tahoe on westbound SR 18 near the Tiger Mountain Summit.

According to a witness and the victim, the incident started when the Toyota cut the Tahoe off exiting from westbound I-90 to westbound SR 18. Once on SR 18, the Toyota was in a lane that merged into the lane of the Tahoe and proceed to cut the Tahoe off again- making light contact with the right front of the Tahoe. 

The vehicles continued westbound SR 18 and while approaching the summit – where it opens to two lanes – the Toyota pulled along the right side of the Tahoe and the driver shot four to five rounds toward the right rear of the vehicle.

The vehicles continued on SR 18, both taking the Issaquah / Hobart Road exit where the Tahoe driver was able to obtain the license plate of the Toyota. WSP said this matched the plate the witness also provided.  This was the last time the Tahoe driver saw the Toyota.  

WSP dispatchers then directed the Tahoe driver to go to the Snoqualmie Police Department where troopers made contact. Troopers were able to determine that the rounds fired hit the right rear tire of the Tahoe, ultimately destroying it. Fortunately, the driver and passengers did not sustain any injuries.

Detectives located the vehicle at the registered owner’s address in Ravensdale and a search warrant was applied for and obtained.  

Per the press release, at 12:15PM on August 7, 2019, WSP detectives – along with support of WSP SWAT – conducted a ‘knock and talk’ at the Ravensdale residence where a male matching the description of the Toyota driver answered the door.  The search warrant was executed on the Toyota where a Berretta handgun was discovered, along with ammunition and spent shell casings. 

WSP said based on this evidence, along with an admission by the man, detectives placed the 29-year old suspect under arrest. He was subsequently booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of a Drive By Shooting and Hit and Run.

Washington State Patrol detectives are seeking any additional witnesses to this incident.  Please contact Detective Vik Mauro at (425) 401-7746 or by email at Victoria.Mauro@wsp.wa.gov

Shot out tire of victim of drive-by road rage shooting near Tiger Mt. Summit. PC: WSP

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  • There’s a righteous gun nut for you! Shoots at a guy, goes home and chills leaving gun and ammo in his truck. Probably expected an NRA ticker tape parade.

  • Wow. WSP detectives do walk and talks on crimes.
    Why don’t Snoqualmie Detectives?
    Too lazy? Corrupt? All of the above.

  • I’m not saying the shooter was right. He was very wrong and makes it tough for responsible gun owners. Not taking sides at all here.
    Just saying, and correct me if I’m wrong, that at 7 PM, on the Summit, while driving, that was some very good shooting.
    He was very lucky no one was hurt.

  • Living Snoqualmie