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[Letter by Amanda Rich- Snoqualmie, WA. Views expressed are those of the author, not the Living Snoqualmie website. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

Listening to my free Pandora account, I heard yet another negative ad from candidate Ingrid Anderson. Instead of tuning it out or turning down the volume, I listened to who paid for the ad, and I had an “ah-ha!” moment. Cue that little lightbulb above my head. It’s clear that Anderson was hand-picked by groups that Senator Mark Mullet refuses to follow blindly.

Because Sen. Mullet is an independent thinker, he has a target on him by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

If you want someone representing you in Olympia who will be in lockstep with liberal groups and Gov. Inslee, please vote for Ingrid Anderson. If you are okay with someone who has sold their vote for fundraising and ads and owes their seat in the state senate to left-wing groups that want to lock up the agenda in Olympia, Anderson is clearly your candidate. You don’t need experience if you’re simply voting the way someone tells you to vote.

If you value independent thinking and want someone representing you in the state senate that is beholden only to voters, support Senator Mullet. If you prefer someone who refuses to write a blank check for the agenda laid out by unelected political groups, support Senator Mullet. My preference is someone who listens to his district, votes his conscience and makes decisions based on what is best for his constituents instead of special interests.

Amanda Rich, Snoqualmie Resident

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  • Just in the past two weeks, outside special interest groups have dumped $800,000 into Ingrid Anderson’s campaign. This is an extraordinary amount of money for a 5th District race. In addition, Ingrid has never served in office yet she failed to reach out to meet with the mayors in her district in order to better understand the complex challenges each of us faces. I sincerely fear that if she wins, funding for the SR18 mess will disappear. Please vote for the candidate with experience, a proven record of success and an interest in more than two issues. Please re-elect Senator Mark Mullet. He has been the most effective legislator with whom I have ever worked.
    –Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson

    1. Actually you never returned my calls but that is okay I will still work with you to better our district.

      1. Ingrid, are you saying you will stand against your party and vote against any new tax on income? And while we are on the tax subject, what’s your stand on the job killing mileage tax being proposed by your party

  • Liberal according to Webster..generous, not literal or strict, broadminded, favoring progress or reform. Could we all agree to stop trying to make that a derogatory word. Its not. Sounds real great actually.
    I got a Mullet flyer today reminding me he voted for historic increases in teachers salaries. UM…your wife is a school teacher of course you did. And yes sadly Ingrid probably has said things she regrets. No one is immune to a 24 hours news cycle.
    Wish them both the best of luck and 25 days the trash talk can hopefully end!!

    1. In this case regardless of what the Merriam Webster might say, I think the term here is “bought and paid for”.

  • Mark Mullet has a constituency of one–himself. If you don’t see that you haven’t been paying attention. It’s time for a true local with a real job to represent us in the state senate.

    1. Yes! It’s time that we got more people like Ingrid into the legislature who will support more progressive taxes! Maybe we’ll even get that state income tax we’ve been hoping for!!!
      With her nursing background, I’m hoping that Ingrid will continue to support lockdowns through 2021. There are waaaaaay too many sick people in this area to risk opening things back up.

  • I will vote for Ingrid again, just like I did in the primaries. I have seen and heard of too many times where Mark Mullet had only his own best interests in front of him. He runs dishonest ads. See above comment from our own mayor. (She herself says she contacted him and I believe her.) Ingrid is a champion of the people and she is honest. That is what I am looking for.

  • I’ve had comments deleted from several articles. Why? This was the easiest one for me to find. I commented on the discrepancy between Ingrid and Mayor Larson saying Ingrid did not reach out mayors and it’s been “disappeared.”

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