After Storm Takes it, Famous 12th Man Sign Back up on Preston Hillside, ready for new Season

If you were wondering earlier this summer what happened to the huge 12th man sign on the hill above I-90 near Preston – a sign that made local veterinarian and Seahwaks fan Mike Trueting a little big famous last winter – well, worry no more it’s back.

‘Dr. Mike’ said the original, 600 square foot ’12’ flag, constructed of a blue tarp, which hung near his home, came down in a storm over the winter. He kept it down due to its worn condition, but Dr. Mike wouldn’t leave Hawks fans hanging… especially since the sign has become pretty famous – even eliciting freeway honks from drivers.

So just in time for the frenzy of a new Seahawks season, Mike and friends got to work and constructed a brand new HUGE 12 sign ready to take on the weather – and the drama of another football season. A new massive blue tarp is the backdrop, with large white numbers carefully cut out of white plastic and secured to the sign.

And just like last time, Dr. Mike and his friend grabbed a couple of ladders, strapped them together, climbed high up along huge trees and secured that massive blue 12 sign for thousands of I-90 drivers to see each day… right at the gateway to the Puget Sound region, AKA Seahawks land.

Go Hawks.

12th man flag

12 3

12 2


12 on 90





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  • I hope Dr Mike reads your post because I need him to know how much I love that sign! I smiled ear to ear when I saw his sign back up. I love it! Thank you! Go-Hawks!


  • So much for the pristine beautiful “Mountains to Sound Greenway” along I-90, where drivers can view in awe the breathtaking beauty of the trees along the highway with no billboards. What’s next? Would people enjoy the sign if it said “Hillary” or “Trump” instead? Sigh.

    1. It’d his personal property not part of the Greenway. There are plenty of hill and mountain sides for you to look at along I90.

    2. No Andrew, we would not like a similar sign for Hillary or Trump. When they win a Superbowl and fill our Sunday afternoon (or Thursday/Monday night) with awesomeness, we will consider a sign for them. Until then, they pay for exposure. And as for what’s next? After the Seahawks win another Superbowl this year, I think a huge number 3 will be in order.

  • We love this sign and wouldn’t be the same without it I drive past it every day on my way to work and makes me so proud to be a 12th Man!!!! Thank you, Mike!!

  • Love to see the sign back up. Our car can say go Seahawks every time we see it. We also honk every time we see it.

  • Love the sign. Love Dr Mike. BUT… shouldn’t Miguel be mentioned too? He is the one who is working on the sign in the picture. He is the one that climbs the tree. Just thinking it would be nice to give him some credit.

  • Living Snoqualmie