State Representative ‘Enthusiastically’ Endorses Council Candidate

It’s no secret that Washington State 5th District Representative Jay Rodne has endorsed Snoqualmie City Council Candidate Joe Larson in his race for council position #6 against longtime incumbent Charles Peterson.  After all, Larson’s signs have little Rodne endorsement signage attached to them.
But on October 19, 2015, Rep. Rodne released a statement to go along with those sign attachments, expanding on his endorsement. According to Rodne:
Over the last twelve years, I’ve become acquainted with Joe Larson as a neighbor, a colleague and a friend.  I can joe larsonsay without hesitation that he is an extraordinary individual with a wide range of expertise and a refreshingly balanced approach to public service.  I enthusiastically endorse and support his candidacy for Snoqualmie City Council and encourage you to vote the same.
King County Election ballots arrived last week.  Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, November 3, 2015 to be valid.  Don’t forget to vote.
With numerous local contested council, board and mayoral races, November 3rd should be an interesting election results night.
Good luck to all the candidates!


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  • Rep. Rodne: while researching for a letter I submitted I came across your campaign roots in Snoqualmie. I did not realize you started out as a City of Snoqualmie council member! Looking at the seat you won in 2001 Heather Munden now holds that very same seat (Pos. 5). You also endorsed her and she won with 72% of the vote two years ago. Here is a photo from your campaign 14 years ago:


  • Sadly, Jay Rodne has become detached from the community he represents. Maybe it’s that he’s spent too much time in Olympia for too long. His endorsement Joe Larson (the Mayor’s brother) is the only one Joe has been able to get–maybe that’s why he needs to ride it so hard. Every city council member that has endorsed has supported Charles Peterson. That includes council members on Snoqualmie Ridge. Look at Joes website. He says he has lots of endorsers, but can’t name them.

    1. His Brad Toft endorsement may have been out of touch when he ran for State Senate a few years back because Brad Toft lost every single precinct in Snoqualmie. But that was a while ago and along partisan lines; this is a non-partisan race. Rep. Rodne’s endorsement was in touch with Snoqualmie’s resident’s when new-comer Heather Munden won a contested city council race with 72% last election. We can spin the data any way we want. When it comes down to it which candidate is most reflective of the Snoqualmie demographic?

      1. Paul, per your suggestion I visited and reviewed about 30 Joe Larson endorsements from Snoqualmie leaders [many are on local boards, commissions, and committees]. Endorsements are at the bottom of his website so you might have missed it.

        Unfortunately, it may be easier for you to go negative but I am confused why you claim Joe Larson only has a solo endorsement when you see dozens of his yard signs in actual yards all around Snoqualmie. People live in those homes displaying his signs and your negativity probably rubs them wrong. You can’t go wrong if you stay positive. -Maddie

        As for promoting the Rodne endorsement that one is HUGE especially if we want state dollars and collaboration for the new I-90/SR-18 interchange project [which BTW is a project also promoted at].

  • A person’s character is an important consideration in an election, and while I have no reason to doubt Mr. Rodne’s description of Mr. Larson, the bigger issue is whether the citizens of Snoqualmie can overlook the fact that the current mayor and council candidate are brothers.

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