Snoqualmie Valley Weather: Is Freezing Rain Potentially Coming to the Area?

We have a weather event possibly coming that we haven’t seen since 2012. This should be taken seriously and treated like a significant windstorm where we could lose power for a few days.

Freezing rain is currently the culprit for Friday. 2 models agree on almost .5” of ice out here. You put that amount of ice on snow-covered branches, and they’ll probably come down. Also, some power lines may not be able to support that either and come down.

Power outages during this event are possible; you should be prepared for them. The precipitation could start as snow Friday morning but change to freezing rain.

Here are the two models at the same hour showing the amount of freezing rain that we will get.

East winds are kicking up on Thursday, possibly 40 to 45 mph gusts. That will be a dry cold wind. Winds will taper off by Friday morning, and at first, it may keep the precipitation away, but I still think we’re going to get freezing rain. Be prepared for power outages on Friday and stay off the roads; they will be icy.

Stay Safe!

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  • My wife reminds me that the standard Pacific Northwest term for the weather that is threatening is a “Silver Thaw.”

  • Yes, it’s called a Silver Thaw. I remember the worst one in the early 70’s. You could not stand up outside anywhere without falling. I was young then so thought it was kind of cool, now that I am older I know this can be life-threatening.

    1. Yes, I’m realizing the joke ‘don’t break a hip’ joke isn’t so funny now that I’m older 🙂 I could actually do that if I go out with spikes on my shoes

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