Snoqualmie Valley School Board and Si View MPD November 8th Election Results – Daily Update

First election results from King County Elections on November 8, 2011:

**  These results will be updated here each day as King County Elections counts more ballots.  Generally that happens around 4:30 – 5PM, Monday through Friday, until election certification on November 30th. **

Director District #3:  Carolyn Simpson defeating incumbent Craig Husa by nearly 9.5 percentage points

Director District #2:  Geoff Doy now leading incumbent Caroline Loudenback by a very slim 12 votes – race too close to call.

Director District #5:  Dan Popp defeating challenger, Peggy Johnson, by 14 percentage points.

King County Elections updates results each day around 4:30PM.  The Loudenback/ Doy race will most likely come down to election certification on November 30th.

Si View Metropolitan Parks District Propositions 1 & 2:   Passing with 86% and 73% approval rate – surging past the needed 50% and 60% majorities.

For all election results visit King County Elections

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  • 9:00 PM 11/9/2011
    Geoff Doy is now ahead of Caroline Loudenback by about 13 votes!!! This is exciting!

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