Snoqualmie Valley Power Outage January 21st Updates Part II

Here are latest updates since first published at 7AM for my email subscribers:

**  9PM:  Heard from a reader that Highway 202 between Snoqualmie and Fall City is now open **

**  8PM:  Downtown Snoqualmie back in the land of power!  **

** 5:15PM:  Deer Park, Woody Creek, Ironwood and Eagle Point Back up.  Downtown Snoqualmie still out  **

**  4:50PM:  No power yet to Deer Park area of Snoqualmie Ridge or downtown Snoqualmie.  South of Snoqualmie Parkway on different power gridI think they give power grids that serve largest numbers of customers priority.  **

**  4PM:  Power on to area of Snoqualmie Ridge north of Snoqualmie Parkway.   **

**  3:45PM:  Uncle Si’s Pizza on Snoqualmie Ridge got bigger generator and is open ONLY for delivery and take out unless full power restored.  It is best to call vs. online ordering.  396-7975  **

**  3:40PM:  For those with power restored but no Comcast service:  A reader reported calling Comcast this afternoon and was told they are down to one generator and until they get others going there is no tv.  They hope to be up by tomorrow.  **

**  2PM:  PSE says it currently has two helicopters flying over transmission lines assessing damage and anticipates restoring power to large groups of customers today, 1/21.  **

**  1PM:  Downtown North Bend and other areas of North Bend including Forrester Woods, New Si View, Riverbend, Mt. Si Road have power restored.  **

**  11:50AM:  Hearing reports of power coming back on in parts of North Bend – like Forrester Woods?  **

**  11AM:  TPC Snoqualmie Ridge is closed today and tomrrow, 1/21-1/22, due to power outage.  **

**  11AM:  Salish Lodge is open and restaurant serving limited menu.  No trees blocking 202 until after the Salish so very accessible.  Snoqualmie Casino is operating a full buffet.  – only fancy restaurant there is not operating.  **

**  9:45AM:  Power crews currently working on damaged transmission lines that fell across Snoqualmie Parkway at Fisher Creek on Thursday.  Lines removed from Parkway yesterday, but repairs still needed.  Multiple bucket trucks on site.  **

**  9:30AM:   For Centurytel Fiber Optic DSL Customers:  If you have generator power you should have WiFi/Internet Service.  If it isn’t working make sure you powered your garage outlets.  Then find a garage outlet/switch with a reset button and press it to reset the outlets.  This is our trick to getting the modem fired up and connected.   We have to do this each time we re-fuel the generator  **

**  9AM:   Snoqualmie Valley YMCA will be open as an emergency shelter until power is restored.  Heat, showers, charging stations, shoot hoops, play board games.  Need to bring own bedding if staying overnight.  **

**  9AM:  Snoqualmie Ridge Gateway Gas DID get fuel shipment last night.  On generators and have fuel.  Limited groceries as well.  Historic Snoqualmie Gas Station also has fuel **

**  9AM:  Snoqualmie Ridge IGA open probably until dark.  No cold or frozen food available.  North Bend Safeway and QFC open and on generators.   **

**  9AM:  Boxley’s Restaurant in North Bend possibly open. **

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  • Duringvthe power outage Ridge Fitness will have limited operating hours of 10am – 2:00pm. Please note that there are no showers. It is recommended that people call ahead to confirm.

    1. YMCA has hot showers and respite from the cold….but no internet, at least when I stopped by this morning to ask.

  • Horray! Best update so far! Did PSE clarify which cities are included in the “large group”? Guessing no, but I had to ask.

    1. No, the email forwarded to me from a news station only said “large groups” and didn’t say what areas. Sorry. But with North Bend coming back, I feel a bit more hopeful that we could be soon. Just hoping…

  • These updates have been really really helpful….when you can find a live internet line to get onto, sheesh! Thanks for all your work in keeping us informed!

    1. I think they do. Sounds like area North of Snoqualmie Parkway has power back. I believe they are on that grid. It’s big grid;)

  • I just wanted to say thank you for all your work updating your blog and sending out emails. I know it was probably a full time job for the past few days just to keep up with it all, but it was really helpful to have some info to go on. Hope Deer Park is up and running soon.

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