Snoqualmie Valley First School District in Washington to Use ‘Bus Bulletin’ Service

The Snoqualmie Valley School District Transportation Department is offering a new service for the 2014-15 school year, a service designed to give parents some piece of mind when their child’s bus is running late.

Bus Bulletin, lets parents register to receive emails and/or text and voice messages on their home cell or home phones when their child’s bus is more bus_crossingthan 10 minutes late  – and lets parents know the specific reason for the delays like schedule changes, weather, accidents, substitute driver, etc.

Snoqualmie Valley Bus drivers learned about the new Bus Bulletin service this week, with one driver saying it is easy to use and that, as a driver, she really likes the new, fast way to notify sometimes worried parents.

On Bus Bulletin’s website you register and then simply enter in your notification method and your child’s bus route(s).Parents and caregivers can enter multiple contact methods, too.  There is no cost to use the service.

According to Bus Bulletin, they do not  collect any information about your child (except for the bus route) and they do not distribute your contact information.

Bus Bulletin says the service was created for safety – to reduce the time children are waiting on the side of the road for a late bus.  They log every notification that is sent out and save the log indefinitely, even if accounts have been deactivated.  They also watch for users who select an “abnormal” amount of bus routes to monitor.

According to the Bus Bulletin website, it takes less than 10 second s to send a pre-worded notification, which is received by parents within 5 to 20 seconds – often making it faster than other district-wide communication systems.

The Snoqualmie Valley School District is only Washington State district offering the Bus Bulletin notification service.

To register or learn more about the FREE service, visit





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  • Bus Bulletin is proud to work with the transportation department at Snoqualmie Valley School District to help them achieve their goal of improving communication with parents, students and school administrators. We applaud their leadership in becoming the first district in Washington State to use Bus Bulletin.

    From our very first contact it was apparent that they are true transportation professionals who care about the families that they serve in Snoqualmie Valley. It is a pleasure to work with them to provide this vital information to the parents of the students who ride buses in your district. We wish all of you a safe and happy school year.

    Rick Smith
    President/Founder of Bus Bulletin

  • So very thankful for the SVSD Transportation Department – I was excited to hear about this new tool and how it can improve safety. Great work!

  • Living Snoqualmie