Snoqualmie Town Hall Meeting happens December 6th; share thoughts, ask questions of city council, mayor

Have views to share or questions to ask? Wednesday, December 6th is your chance.

The City of Snoqualmie has a town hall meeting planned at Snoqualmie City Hall, 38624 SE River Street, on December 6th at 6:30PM.

It has been nearly one year since new and incumbent City Council Members took their seats and began deliberations on many issues of importance to the public.

The city said residents can hear elected officials’ perspectives on issues and also share thoughts on topics that are important to them.

Refreshments will be provided. The meeting will be audiotaped, but will not be live streamed .


Snoqualmie City Hall. Photo: City of Snoqualmie

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  • Why will it not be live streamed? That seems odd for ‘Town Hall”, we are talking about transparency in a small town, about to become big international destination. Can you ask matt Larson and his admin why they will not live stream this. What are they hiding? The answer is a whole lot. And a true open discussion by constituents is nothing they want made public.

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