Snoqualmie Ridge IGA closing: liquidating, evaluating ‘opportunity to bring a different kind of business’

Rumors have been circulating via social media all week: the Snoqualmie Ridge IGA was closing…no, just the meat department is closing… no, they’re just closing to remodel.

On February 9, 2018 the Ridge IGA Supermarket owner released a letter to the community with more details – and confirming the store would be liquidating its inventory, closing and then evaluating reopening as a different type of store.

According to an employee, this weekend they will begin liquidating and most likely close at the end of February.

You can read the owner’s letter below:

Dear Friends and our valued Snoqualmie Community,

We have enjoyed our relationship with the Snoqualmie community for the past nine years. It has been a fun time and we hope we added a lot of value and goodwill to the community. Unfortunately with the arrival of Safeway we will no longer be able to operate in this location as a full service supermarket.

Our plans are to liquidate all of our current inventory and evaluate the opportunity to bring a different kind of business back to this location. A business that brings goods and services to Snoqualmie that is not presently being offered. We expect to know the answer to our future plans shortly.

Thank you again for your support of our store over the years.  We sincerely wish you the very best. We hope to see you soon as a new and vibrant business.

Ridge IGA Supermarket



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    1. The parking is perfect, in the way that it sucks! I think the only draw back would be whether the store is large enough to have hard liquor, 10,000 sq ft being the key.

      1. One- Trader Joe’s would never come to Snoqualmie for a population of 14,000 and NB of 9,000. Two- how many square feet do you think is that building? It is around 30,000 square feet!

  • I still have never gone to the new Safeway, supporting smaller local businesses is where it’s at. Thanks for all of the years and wonderful friendly employees who have always been great!

  • Not sure this remodel is happening. Was there yesterday and nothing has started. Same empty shelves and shopping carts.

  • Living Snoqualmie