Snoqualmie Residents Happy with Life in Their City, Survey Finds

This summer, the City of Snoqualmie asked its residents about living there. They wanted to know about how safe people feel, how good the natural environment is, and if residents are healthy and feel included. They also asked about public services, the economy, and more.

To do this, they worked with Polco, Inc., a company that does surveys. Using the National Community Survey (NCS), they sent out 3,000 survey invitations to random homes in Snoqualmie. People could answer online or by mailing back a paper survey.

It was conducted from September 5 to October 17, 2023, and 577 households responded. This number of responses means the survey’s findings are pretty accurate, with only a slight chance of error (4% +/-).

The survey showed that people in Snoqualmie like living there. They especially enjoy the city’s natural beauty, parks, and recreational options. However, they think the local economy could be better.

When compared to over 500 other U.S. communities, Snoqualmie did well. It got higher scores in 47 areas, similar scores in 73, and lower scores in only three. The city stood out for how people feel about living there (97% positive), the overall quality of life (95% positive), how safe they feel (92% positive), and the quality of public services like water and electricity (83% positive).

These results were better in some ways than those from a similar survey in 2017. The city will use this information to decide how to spend money and provide services. They plan to do another survey in 2025.

See the 2023 Snoqualmie Community Survey results report
See the 2023 Snoqualmie Community Survey results presentation

In summary, the positive results of the 2023 Snoqualmie Community Survey demonstrate the city’s success in ensuring a high quality of life for its residents. These insights will be crucial for future planning and improvements as Snoqualmie thrives and evolves.

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  • Has the City of North Bend engaged in similar research? I, for one, would be interested in seeing similar data for the City of North Bend.

  • In response to the question regarding the City of North Bend similarly engaging in a citywide survey: in April 2023, the City of North Bend conducted an anonymous, citywide survey that invited feedback to assess how residents view various services and overall performance. Residents gave North Bend high marks for quality of life, including recreational opportunities, a place to raise children, fire, emergency medical and ambulance services, parks and recreation programs and facilities, and police services. You can view a complete report of the 2023 Community Survey by visiting

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