Snoqualmie Police Arrest Suspected U-Haul Burglars in Deer Park Neighborhood

At approximately 2:20PM today, January 8th, a Snoqualmie resident in the 8800 block of Norman Ave SE (Snoqualmie Ridge Deer Park neighborhood) called 9-1-1 after she confronted a male and female parked in her neighbor’s driveway.  The caller saw that a U-Haul truck was in the driveway and became suspicious due to recent burglary activity involving a small U-Haul truck.

At the time the resident confronted them, the male suspect pointed a handgun at her. She was able to escape in her vehicle unharmed. She then called 9-1-1 and Snoqualmie police officers responded immediately.

A few minutes earlier, police had also been alerted to the U-Haul at a another Deer Park home on McIntosh Court – again by an observant neighbor.  As an officer was leaving McIntosh Court after investigating, the U-Haul was spotted driving past on Swenson Drive.  It was reportedly trying to exit the neighborhood after the Norman Ave confrontation.

At least 5 Snoqualmie Police vehicles were on the scene when the arrest happened on SE Swenson Drive.  That section of the road was closed for a short time during the apprehension.

A 32-year-old Renton male and a 30-year-old North Bend female were taken into custody as they were leaving the area in the U-Haul. They have been booked into King County Jail.

A handgun was recovered a short distance away that the male had thrown out of the window of the vehicle. The Snoqualmie Police Department is seeking a warrant on the U-Haul.

The Snoqualmie Police credits the quick actions of the 9-1-1 caller with the apprehension of these suspects.



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  • This is great, but scary at the same time. I really hope its the same people as I’m sick of these dirtbags. Good job neighbor and good job SPD in responding so quickly. (Newsflash to other dirtbag burglars, SPD is about a block away).

  • It definitely makes me think more. I’ve always loved it up because its so safe but maybe our strained economy will invite some trouble. Keep your eyes open!

  • I saw this vehicle and SPD SUV when I was pulling into the neighborhood and immediately associated it with the burglaries reported last week via email blast. I am thankful that the concerned neighbor immediately called 911 to report the incident and was not harmed.

    Thank you for posting this news, Danna. As a concerned Deer Park resident and neighbor I am very happy that they got these crooks.

  • Thanks to the eblast last week about the U-haul burglary suspects which led this courageous neighbor to call 9-1-1 and help nab the culprits. Armed robbery should send them to the slammer for a nice long stay!

  • Danna, your blog is such a blessing to our community! Without your timely report from last week, I don’t think watching out for U-haul trucks would have been on anyone’s radar!

  • Yes… I too wouldn’t have had a second thought about a U-Haul driving by, if it hadn’t been for that prior article – so I immediately thought about the prior break-ins when seeing the truck. I thought about calling the police, but right away saw the “suspects” were already being followed by police. Clearly, would-be criminals don’t realize we ARE paying attention!

  • Yes. thank you for the eblast. This is very scary. I am so glad our neighbor wasn’t harmed, This could have had a very different scenerio.

  • This just goes to show that proactive neighbors; keeping a watch on whats going on around your area, helps out a lot. The blog is a great asset to the community. So happy about how everything came out. And thank goodness the concerned neighbor didn’t get hurt!

  • I agree with the other comments – we all owe a big thanks to the neighbor who was alert. It is of real concern that a gun was pulled on her – glad she was able to get away and call police. Both the e-blast sent from the police department and the article in Living Snoqualmie helped to make us all aware. Good work!

  • Living Snoqualmie