Snoqualmie Parkway Rehabilitation Celebrated with Ribbon Cutting

On Monday afternoon, September 25, Mayor Katherine Ross, the Snoqualmie City Council members, and representatives from the 5th District of Washington State gathered to celebrate the completion of the Snoqualmie Parkway Rehabilitation Project.

The project’s objective was to repave the northeast and southwest Snoqualmie Parkway lanes and attend to various infrastructure needs. Updates to street lighting, ramps, striping, and traffic signal systems were some of the many tasks undertaken.

Jolyon Johnson, Katherine Ross, Ethan Benson, Lisa Callan, James Mayhew, Mark Mullet, Bill Ramos, Bryan Holloway, Cara Christensen, Louis Washington, Rob Wotton and Danna McCall

The entire financial backing for the parkway’s rehabilitation came from the state through the 2022 Move Ahead Washington Transportation Package.

Today, the City of Snoqualmie provided insights into the ongoing efforts on intersection traffic lights. Part of the project involved splicing light sensors (loops) at each intersection. With splicing work completed last Friday, the City is awaiting King County’s requisite inspection.

The City expressed gratitude for residents’ patience during this process and ensured continued updates as more details surface.

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  • As long as Mayor Ross and the Councilmembers look the other way while gravel trucks and 18-wheelers carrying heavy lumber barrel down the Parkway (and our police force doesn’t ticket them for illegally using a local road, let alone for using deafening air brakes at 5am), the millions of bucks that went into this project will be totally wasted! The Parkway is destined for the same brutal damage within 2-3 more years since Girard Resources & Recycling and others just get away with it.

  • Living Snoqualmie