Snoqualmie Named #4 Top Town to Raise a Family in America

It seems the cat is out of the proverbial bag when it comes to the Snoqualmie Valley being an incredible place to live. For those of wanting the growth to cease… maybe don’t read this. It seems small town Snoqualmie has now made a top five national list.

This week Niche, an online research website offering in-depth information on neighborhoods, schools and colleges across the country, named Snoqualmie as one of its 2015 top U.S. towns to Raise a Family.

Niche considers towns to be “a place located within a Census-defined urbanized cluster OR a principal city for an urbanized area with a population greater than or equal to 5,000 and less than 100,000.”

How the Best Town to Raise a Family in America list was Compiled

Niche graded each town on multiple, “family centered” data points, including public education; safety; community involvement/investment; access to necessities like grocery stores, daycares and libraries; how many residents are under 9 years old and between 35-44 years old; and stats regarding how good the area is to for a home purchase.

Niche states they used this data “in an attempt to holistically measure how good an area is for families.”

Snoqualmie was named #4 on this year’s list of Top Towns to Raise a Family, behind 1) Carmel, IN; 2) San Ramon, CA; and 3) Redmond, WA, with Cupertino, CA rounding out the top 5.

For the two most heavily weighted list factors, Niche gave Snoqualmie an A- for safety and a B+ for education. Access to libraries and grocery stores came in at a C+ and C-; the community grade was an A; access to daycares was an A+ and Snoqualmie’s housing grade was a A.

Of all the towns in the top 5, Snoqualmie had the highest percentage of kids under 9 years old (23.8%) and residents between 35-44 years of age (24%).

To see the complete National and Washington State list of Best Places to Raise a Family visit

About Niche

Founded in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University students as, Niche has grown into one of the largest content startups in the country. According to their website, they’re “obsessed with providing students, families and professionals with best-in-class content and deep insight into big life decisions.”


Photo:  Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce
Photo: Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce


Snoqualmie Falls, 4/20/15. Photo by Brandon Fell
Snoqualmie Falls, 4/20/15. Photo by Brandon Fell




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  • Wow! I’m new to this “Living Snoqualmie” site so forgive me for this rather late comment.
    Rated #4 to raise a family???? Compared to #1 Carmel, CA; #3 Redmond, WA; #5 Cupertino, CA?????? Have they never visited these places?? They have EVERYTHING Snoqualmie does not! We DO have kids 9 and under; we DO have adults 35-44; BUT where is the “community involvement-investment” and “access to necessities”….unless they mean the one small grocery, small library, daycares???? Everything a family needs is leaked off to another city-suburb!! Not so Carmel or Redmond or Cupertino. Snoqualmie IS a great place to raise a family…..but it is rural, small-town, lacking in shopping, and has nothing in common with those other cities…… other than a rating number!

    1. Well, you have obviously not been there lately. Snoqualmie rocks! Carmel Indiana is not even in the same league in terms of what Snoqualmie offers. Sounds like u don’t have a clue what u are talking about.

  • Living Snoqualmie