Snoqualmie Named #4 Hardest Working Small City in America

This week Zippa, a career resource website, named Snoqualmie as its #4 Hard Working Small City in the America.

Zippa said they found a “very non-subjective way” to measure just how hard residents of small cities are working.

They used census data contained in the American Community Survey to find these ‘hardworking’ small cities and ranked 2,200 places on:

  • Average hours worked (longer is harder working)
  • Average commute time (longer is harder working)
  • Workers per household (Employed labor force divided by the number households- higher is harder working)
  • Labor force participation rate (higher is harder working)
  • Adults with a college degree (higher is harder working)

Snoqualmie was the only west coast city to make the top 10, which included mainly suburbs of snoqulmie center blvdlarger cities – i.e. where the jobs are. Half of the top 10 cities were located near New York City.  The number 1 city was a Dallas suburb.

According to the data, the average worker from Snoqualmie puts in 41.6 hours per week. And we all know the commute time can be long – and because housing prices are high in Snoqualmie (and in the Puget Sound region), it often takes two incomes to afford to live here.

Data also helping place Snoqualmie in the top 10 was that 60% of residents hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, and another 30% have had some college or hold an Associate’s Degree.

Here’s Zippa’s complete Top 10 Hardest Working Cities:

  1. Highland Village, TX
  2. Plainfield, IL
  3. Suwanne, GA
  4. Snoqualmie, WA
  5. Westfield, NJ
  6. Glen Rock, NJ
  7. Kinnelon, NJ
  8. Ridgewood, NJ
  9. Scarsdale, NY
  10. Algonquin, IL

You can read the full article HERE.

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Photo: Brandon Fell


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  • All surveys/polls are based on a predilection of results, grain of salt grain of sand. Does someone with a degree truly work harder than someone that breaks a sweat and gets their hands dirty.

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