Snoqualmie Mayor seeking 4th term, says experience vital as city council could turnover by five members

During the February 13th City Council meeting, Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson announced that he plans to seek a 4th term in the November 2017 general election.

He listed a number of issues that influenced the decision that could make him a 16-year mayor, including seeing the proposed Mill Site and Salish expansion developments through to fruition. He described the two projects as “critical for a strong sustainable and more diverse City tax base so as to protect a high quality of life for our citizens.”

Larson said he also wants to “keep pressure on the growing momentum with state legislators to address the current failures at the I-90/SR 18 interchange” and complete the final phases of the historic downtown revitalization, including the proposed River Walk project and “supporting the NW Railway Museum’s continued efforts.”

The mayor said he is encouraged by growing [community] interest in moving forward with an expansion of Snoqualmie’s popular and overcrowded Community Center/YMCA, which could happen during a potential 4th term.

Larson commented via email, “Lastly, and in light of the above, I believe my experience and knowledge will serve the City well as we face the possible turnover of as many as five of our seven Council members in the coming year.”

Multiple city council members are up for re-election in November, including Bryan Holloway, Bob Jeans, Heather Munden and Kathi Prewitt. Chelley Patterson also announced at Monday’s city council meeting that she will step down before her term is up in 2019 due to a move out of the city.

So far, no one has announced plans to challenge the three-term mayor. In 2013 Larson faced Ed Pizzuto and prevailed with nearly 74% of the votes. This election cycle go-round Mayor Larson said he’s heard rumors about a few potential challengers, but nothing definitive yet.

Potential city council and mayor candidates have until May to file for candidacy with King County Elections.



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    1. Yes, please! Someone with a chance, please run against Mr. Larson.
      The last two elections, he has won by wide margins. One because no one ran against him. The other because the opponent didn’t really have a chance. We could use a change in leadership (term limits do have positive impacts).

  • Under this Mayor we have had the worst corruption and unethical behavior ever within the Police Department; how many hard earned tax payer dollars have gone towards defending from these mistakes? Will we ever know? Time for new leadership.

  • Living Snoqualmie