Snoqualmie Mayor says ‘well on road to recovery’ after COVID-19 diagnosis

On Friday, March 27th, Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson said he was ‘well on the road to recovery’ from COVID-19, adding that he turned a corner on Tuesday, which was 11 days after his symptoms began on March 13th. Larson said he’s being cautious, though, and plans to take it easy for few more days.

He described his illness as a mild flu, but said his wife Jennifer is also sick and has struggled more with her symptoms. She is also managing at home and became ill about three days after the mayor.

Larson said his son also became sick, but has bounced back. He said the rest of the family was not tested for COVID-19, but Snoqualmie Valley Hospital staff said they should assume they all have the virus.

The mayor said he will continue to self-isolate at home until everyone in the home has been symptom free for 72 hours, which is CDC protocol as long as it had been 7 days since symptoms had first started.

He has worked remotely for the past two weeks and said he will continue to do so.

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  • Glad Mayor Larson and his family are doing well. We were unable to get tested in our household and we have some very ill children. There are simply not enough tests, even when patients qualify and have doctor’s orders to get a test.

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