A ‘Snoqualmie Guru’ honored: Council Chambers dedicated, Siren rings again as Memorials to Charles Peterson

Did you hear it? Notice the siren that sits above the Mignoe Building in downtown Snoqualmie was working again? If you’ve been downtown mid-day over the years, the siren was something you were accustomed to hearing.

Well, it’s working again thanks to the family of late city councilman and former mayor, Charles Peterson, who unexpectedly died in April.

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, the family completed months of planning and work dedicated to remembering and honoring Chuck’s 40 years of service to the city he loved and called home.

Snoqualmie Valley Historian Dave Battey documented the new Charles Peterson Memorials located in four spots throughout downtown Snoqualmie.

The Siren Sings Again

The MIgone Building (home of Sigillo Cellars) on Railroad Ave used to the be a union hall where Charles spent many years as a labor union leader for Snoqualmie Mill workers.

The siren atop the roof of the building came from the city’s old fire station. Even after a new fire station was built, that siren kept ringing downtown every day (except Sunday) at noon – like clockwork. When the old station came down so the new city hall could be built, Charles’s good friend Ed Wentz helped move the siren to the Migone building in 2006.

Funds from the Charles Peterson Memorial Fund were used to update the siren’s timer, which was restored by Russ Wentz. So if you’re strolling through downtown and hear the siren again, it’s in dedication to both Charles and Ed.

Two plaques were also placed on the building – one for the historic building and one for the siren, which also emulates the old whistle from the Snoqualmie Falls Lumber Company Mill where Charles worked for many years.

New sign on the gate of Sigillo Cellar explaining the history of the siren. Photo: Dave Battey

New Sign at United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church sign that faces Railroad Ave will be replaced, paid for by Peterson’s estate and church memorial funds. Charles was a longtime congregation member.

The new sign will be completed as an Eagle Scout project. The reverse side of the sign will be a memorial to Charles and memorial garden will be planted at the sign’s base.

Pastor Lee Hartman discusses the new sign for United Methodist Church and Peterson. Photo: Dave Battey

Historic Peterson Home, Garden

Did you know? The historic Maple Ave home where Charles and Carol raised their family, has only ever had two owners – and both were mayors of Snoqulamie. The city’s first female mayor, Amy English, resided in the home before selling it to the Peterson’s decades ago.

Two historic signs were placed at the residence last week – one for the home itself and one for a special garden planted on the property.  Charles was an avid gardener. Alongside Carol they created a beautiful landscape surrounding the historic “Mayor’s Home.”

Charles’s children Ryan and Julie built a new garden on the property and filled it with the plants given to the family as memorials to Charles.  They hope to complete it and dedicate it in the spring.

New memorial garden at the Peterson home. Photo: Dave Battey

Council Chambers dedicated for Peterson

As a final honor to the 40 years Charles spent serving as a councilmember, mayor and volunteering on city commissions, City Council Chambers were renamed in honor of Charles S. Peterson.

Photo: Dave Battey







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  • Danna, so many thanks for your lovely article about the dedication of memorials to Charles. We had over 100 people that day and I feel that now he can rest in peace with his memory preserved. My heart is at peace. Carol Peterson

  • This was a beautiful dedication ceremony for a wonderful man who gave so much to our city. The love, dedication and devotion that Carol Peterson and her family put into this event was very moving. Charles was smiling on this special day.
    Great job Peterson family and friends, what a
    special memory. So glad Charles is receiving the acknowledgment he deserves. Excellent article Dana honoring a very special man and portraying his dedication. Monica Lowney

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