Snoqualmie Falls, Live Webcam Just One Click Away

UPDATE | Puget Sound Energy has removed the live Snoqualmie Falls webcam, but if you’re looking for video of the Falls during a Snoqualmie River flood event, here is Snoqualmie Falls from the morning of December 9, 2015 during a phase 4 flood event – and also during a previous flood event on 11/13/15.


Not that we live a great distance from Snoqualmie Falls, but if you’re ever feeling lazy and not like driving there, you’re just one click away from checking out one of most scenic and top tourist destinations in Washington State.

Around 1.5 million visitors head to our valley each year to check out Snoqualmie Falls – something I sometimes forget since the Falls feels like part of the family.

I admit, I take its beauty and awe factor for granted at times. Thanks to this live webcam, we can see and be reminded of this natural wonder anytime. The Falls tend to run at their strongest during our rainy season (now) and especially during flooding events.

You can also keep an eye on Snoqualmie River levels during the flood season HERE.

Snoqualmie Falls on 11/13/15 at flood phase level 3.
Snoqualmie Falls on 11/13/15 at flood phase level 3.



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  • Your webcam link leads to a black page whether I use Internet Explorer or Firefox; I have Windows 8 installed. If the camera has been removed it would be nice to say so.

    1. Sorry. I do not maintain the camera. At times it works and other times not.

    2. I have asked Puget Sound Energy to put the camera back up…. but it’s up to them at this point.

  • It would sure be nice to have the Falls webcam operational again. Maybe a rally on PSE’s facebook page is in order.

  • Bring baaaaaaaaaack the Snoqualmie Falls webca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can the cam be active? I would like to see real time activity of the falls before I drive up there. Long distance for many visitors to the falls.

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