Snoqualmie Elementary 1st Grade Teacher, Catherine Heinz, Named May Teacher Of The Month

Snoqulamie Valley Macaroni Kid honored Snoqualmie Elementary School 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Heinz, as its May 2012 Teacher of the Month.  The award demonstrates the perseverance of the nominating parent, who admits she wrote Macaroni Kid numerous times trying to recognize her child’s amazing 1st grade teacher.

Here is the nomination:

“I am not going to give up on nominating Mrs. Heinz for the “best teacher ever” award!  I’ve nominated her before, but my writing skills do not express how wonderful she is as a teacher!  Yesterday all the mothers were invited to her class for a Mom’s Tea.  As per usual, she is the Martha Stewart of teaching and it wasn’t just tea!  The children put on a huge production for us complete with homemade costumes (my son played the Troll under the Bridge), they sang to us, and gave us each a poem with a plant they grew themselves.  This wasn’t something the school asked her to do, this is just how she works.  She gives everything to help these kids love school and learning.  Everything from her free time to her own money.  She dresses up in costumes to help them remember science and math facts and sings for spelling and comprehension.  Everyone with a first grader hopes and prays to get Mrs. Heinz as a teacher and when they do… No one can ever compare to how amazing she is.  She is the perfect teacher. Her only flaw is that we only get her for one school year!”

Macaroni Kid Snoqualmie Valley-Issaquah, The Cascade Team, The Woodman Lodge, Therapeutic Health of North Bend and Issaquah Trophy & Awards have honored Mrs. Heinz with a massage gift card, a Woodman Lodge gift card and a plaque commemorating her Teacher of the Month honor.

Congratulations Mrs. Heinz!!!


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  • I’m so glad that Mrs. Heinz is getting the recognition she deserves! She is an amazing teacher, and I am so lucky that my son is in her class!

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