First playgrounds, now Snoqualmie adds sports courts, skatepark to lists of closures over social distancing issues


Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson ordered closure of the Snoqualmie Skatepark and sport courts throughout the city to prevent large groups from congregating at those locations. This measure is to safeguard public health as COVID-19 continues to spread in the region and globally.  Playgrounds were closed on March 18th.

Snoqualmie said parks will remain open, but are subject to closure if the practice of social distancing does not improve.

We ask parents to strongly urge their children and teenagers to stay home so that the virus can be contained. In addition to putting themselves at risk, they can be carriers without showing symptoms and could pass it onto vulnerable populations such as the elderly and those with underlying health problems. 

Park restrooms in Snoqualmie will remain open for accessibility and to prevent people from using other areas of the parks for non-hygienic purposes. However, parks crews will not be cleaning or disinfecting restrooms due to a shortage of safety supplies that are being diverted to healthcare services and first responders. 


After a morning Facebook post from the Snoqualmie Police Department saying local kids are “not staying home to learn, or practicing social distancing” during the coronavirus outbreak, the City of Snoqualmie announced effective immediately, playgrounds are temporarily closed.

The March 18th closure announcement stated, “Based on CDC recommendations for social distancing, new guidelines for parks are listed below. We are disheartened at the need to do this. These actions are for the safety of the community.

  • Playgrounds are closed. Signs are in place and will be removed upon re-opening.
  • Parks remain open, although visitors are asked to maintain social distancing.
  • Athletic fields are open but organized sports and practices are not allowed.

SPD posted on Facebook Tuesday morning, March 18th: “Our local youths are not staying home to learn, or practicing social distancing. So far our on-going hide and seek game has located large groups of them in Community Park after hours, behind Safeway, and crashing cars they don’t own. Positive vibes to their parents. #DoYouKnowWhereYourKidsAre

SPD Captain Nick Almquist said officers are seeing an increase in park usage – including ‘many groups of the younger generation’ – due to the [coronavirus] school closure. He said they are only asking the groups to disperse and move along when they are in the park after hours.

Governor Inslee this week asked Washington residents to stay home to help fight the novel coronavirus spread, which had infected 562 King County residents and taken 56 lives as of March 17th.

Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson commented, “Please talk to your kids and emphasize how important it is that they do their part to dramatically slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Please do not congregate in large groups in city parks and consistently remain at least six feet apart from those around you. Assume everyone you encounter has the virus and protect  yourself accordingly.”

Playground at Swenson Park, 3/18/20

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    1. Basically it is sad that some children to have swing sets and have a playground of own. No matter what you just cant stop living which this has caused. It seems now all this is turning into dictatorship virus. I can understand yes take precautions with children. Yes this virus is scary and social media makes it worse. Best for the sake get rid of social media and live life.

  • Anyone else noticed an increase in the pungent Ganja aroma wafting from the woods around the Bog?

    1. That would be the skunk cabbage. One of the first to bloom each spring in our area.

  • I am noticing a lack of social distancing in Snoqualmie, from trails to the culdesac down the street. How much more real does it need to get, people? We can do this… and avoid both deaths and an economic Depression.

  • I agree – we have noticed lots of visitors to the upper and lower Snoqualmie Falls trail and parks! These seem to be adults and children visiting while they are out of school and work. They then walk down the river shore past the park and hang out in small groups there. Please stay home people – we don’t want to be exposed to your germs!!

  • Please respect others in local trails in Snoqualmie. Passing parties both to opposite sides of the trail to maximize distancing. Joggers… you are moving faster so YOU need to ensure the 6 feet especially when you approach from behind. Too many people out today apparently oblivious to the need for spacing, especially teenagers. Parents, step up. I do not think any of us want to be in an emergency field hospital, or on the bad end of medical rationing as discussed this week at the State level to create guidelines for who will live, and who will die. Ultimately, will we show them how it’s done, or be the victims of an epic fail that will devastate our community and economy?

  • Living Snoqualmie