Snoqualmie Casino opens new, fully enclosed non-smoking gaming room

Snoqualmie Casino announced the opening of its new, fully enclosed non-smoking room on August 30th. The 1,355-square-foot gaming room is located next to the Falls Buffet in the back of the casino.

The new room is completely smoke free, with 100 percent of the air filtered and exhausted from the outside and over eight air exchanges per hour. It has 62 slot machines. The front area has glass panels for easy viewing onto the main casino floor.

Many other area casinos have non-smoking areas, but Snoqualmie Casino said wanted to go an extra step and make it truly self-contained with fresh filtered air coming in externally rather than from the rest of the casino.

“At Snoqualmie Casino, our guests’ comfort and satisfaction are our main priorities,” said Brian Decorah, Snoqualmie Casino’s CEO. “Many of our guests have been requesting a fully enclosed non-smoking room and we are honored to provide this as another option, which will offer some of the newest and best slot machines around.”

Snoqualmie Casino is one of the largest employers in the Snoqualmie Valley.


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  • Taking a set further that is BS. How many machines 62! As opposed to the thousands out in smoking and it’s difficult to find an empty machine in that closet which tells you if the rest of the casino was non smoking it would be overwhelmingly popular! Put the smokers in the closet where they belong! GMs an idiot! I manage restaurants and bars in Seattle for many years and when they made them all non smoking everyone wasn’t sure if that would work! Funny many years later with that inplace it’s seem to be working very very well! So snoqualmie stay in the stone ages I hope you all get a very bad illness breathing in that stupidity! Peace

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