Snoqualmie Art Walk and First Outdoor Market Hit Downtown Streets This Weekend

Have you heard about the Snoqualmie Art Walk? The Snoqualmie Arts (outdoor) Market? No?  Well, if it’s been awhile since you’ve traveled through downtown Snoqualmie, it could be time to head that way and check out these fun, family-friendly events.

The Snoqualmie Art Walk takes over the sidewalks of downtown Snoqualmie once each month.  This SnoqualmieArtWalkmonth’s event, aptly called “Finally Friday,” happens tomorrow, July 26th from 5-9PM.

The Art Walk features exhibits, artists (working on site), performers, music (heard rumor Big Star Studios may be performing), refreshments – and fun things going on in participating historic Snoqualmie businesses.

The NEW Snoqualmie Arts (outdoor) Market will also have a soft opening behind The Bindlestick Coffee and Beer House during Friday’s Art Walk.  The new Snoqualmie outdoor market officially launches on Saturday afternoon, July 27th, from 12-4PM back in downtown Snoqualmie.

SnoqualmieArtsMarketThe Snoqualmie Arts Market (SAM) is an artsy, foodie event which will run on five Saturdays this summer at Railroad Park in downtown Snoqualmie at 7971 Railroad Ave SE – near the big log.

The new outdoor market is the result of collaboration between the City of Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Arts Commission and Sallal Grange, which serves as primary sponsor.  Funds to get the project off the ground were provided by the 4Culture and the King County Lodging Tax Fund.

The Snoqualmie Valley is filled with artists, musicians, locally grown produce from rich farmlands and fabulous food cooked with locally sourced ingredients. Come celebrate all that local flavor on the streets of beautiful downtown Snoqualmie.

Downtown Snoqualmie – Did you know?

  • The drive from Snoqualmie Ridge is only 5 minutes
  • Black Dog Cafe, Got Rice, La Fogata, Mo Barbeque, Ristorante Gianfranco, Snoqualmie Brewery Tap Room (kids welcome) and Woodman Lodge all offer fabulous food. 
  • The Bindlestick offers more than coffee, featuring live outdoor concerts throughout the summer, and hard-to-find, small boutique brewery beer on tap.  Owner Rachelle can even fill small growlers to take that unique beer home to your own refrigerator.
  • The Snoqualmie Market also fills beer growlers (at a reasonable price) for some local breweries that don’t bottle their beer – like Redmond’s Mac and Jacks.
  • There’s a clothing boutique downtown called Nothing to Wear that features casual, yoga-type clothing
  • Carmichael’s Hardware Store has pretty much everything you might need – including a great toy and gift section.  They offer personal service to help you navigate the historic store the second you walk through the door.



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  • How in the world did the Black Dog Arts Cafe get left out of this article? It seems every other business got a plug. Cristie Coffing, the owner has been the pioneer in supporting and promoting the local arts for over twenty years. It’s a shame her business wasn’t mentioned.

    1. Honestly, it wasn’t on purpose. I will add the Black Dog Cafe. It was a mind spasm and my fault:)

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