SnoPo K9 Pooch helps police make huge drug seizure on I-90 near Snoqualmie

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) said earlier this month Snoqualmie Police Department’s K9 Pooch helped make a huge drug seizure on I-90 near Snoqualmie.

According to a WSP news release, on the evening of August 4th, Trooper Cadet Boyd, along with his Field Training Officer Trooper Olsen, stopped a vehicle for following too closely on eastbound I-90 near the SR 18 interchange.

During the interaction with the vehicle’s driver, Trooper Olsen noticed extreme nervous behavior which led him to ask for consent to search the vehicle.

With consent granted, SPD Officer Fischbeck and Narcotic Detection K9 Pooch were called to the scene. Pooch alerted officers to a lunch box behind the driver’s seat where a large amount of fentanyl and heroin were discovered.

WSP said 10 pounds of of fentanyl with a street value of $6.4 million and 2 pounds of heroin valued at $75 thousand dollars were seized.

WSP commented, “This is a great example of teamwork and relying on training and experience to remove these dangerous substances from the streets.”

K9 Pooch joined the Snoqualmie Police Department in late spring after extensive training with Officer Fischbeck. Local nonprofit Friends of Snoqualmie Valley K9 helped fund the department’s K( narcotic detection program.

K9 Pooch

Drug detected by K9 Pooch during the August 4th traffic stop by WSP.

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  • Glad to see they got some of those drugs off the street . Hope they are able to get many more . Good job.

  • Wow! What the heck is happening in the PNW these days. The area has changed for the worse and thats what happens when healthy living communities become infiltrated by marxist libertarians. What the heck is Seattle and Portland thinking?

  • to the concerned citizen please stop trying to divide people. drugs and addiction is left or a right issue its a United States issue. Look at the red states in the south like Florida and there lack of control over the pills. Save your comments for fox news please. Anywho ya good job by the cops but bad job by the criminal… like your freedom depends on it dont follow to close ya dummy.

  • So a drug dealer with over $6m in Fentanyl in a lunch box behind his seat consented to a search of his vehicle? Yep, and then pigs flew overhead and sang the hallelujah chorus. Glad he was busted and the drugs are off the street but…

  • Living Snoqualmie