Small Woodinville Brewery Expands to downtown North Bend; Snoqualmie Brewery debuts New Menu

UPDATE |  JUNE 6, 2016

Brickyard Brewing has officially named the new North Bend location: Brickyard Brewing North Bend Public House and added the new menu to their Facebook page HERE.

Management also announced via the Facebook page that their new North Bend location is now hiring waitstaff, cooks and other positions. Interested applicants are encouraged to stop by the new location weekdays between 9AM and 4PM to fill out an application.

A soft opening is still on track for July 1st, with a formal Grand Opening on July 15th during the annual North Bend Block Party.


There’s been buzz since Boxley’s closed their doors in downtown North Bend in late April that a new restaurant would replace it, but it now appears official as on Thursday, May 27, 2016, a sign went up announcing Brickyard Brewing.

Boxley’s facility has been gutted and the new owners are cleaning, painting and refinishing the space – as well as installing a new 32’ bar.  The new space will be separated into family and adult seating, with capacity for over 150 patrons inside and another 30 outside – plus meeting and event space. Brickyard will have lots televisions and potentially some live music, too.

Brickyard Brewing has partnered with local Chef Broc Thomson to create what they call a menu of ‘Beer Inspired Gastropub,’ with lots of smaller, affordable plates plus some higher-end items, including dry aged steak and seared salmon. Their goal is to come up with meals “that will be enjoyed by both locals and those passing through.”

Brickyard Brewing was founded in 2011 by Joe Montero when “his home brewing system got out of hand and the ultimatum was made that it had to be moved out of his house.”

Joe started the business in some Woodinvelle warehouse space with one barrel and a tiny taproom. Since then Brickyard has grown to a 15 barrel brewhouse, producing as much as 90 barrels per month – with room to produce more if needed.

They currently has seven beers on tap. With the opening of the North Bend location, that will expand to 12 with eight full-time beers and 4 rotating recipes ranging from lite beer to IPAs to dark rich stouts, costing $3.50 for lite pints  and up to $6 for the unique aged beers.

North Bend will be the second Brickyard location. Joe says they will keep the Woodinville spot for production brewing and as a taproom.

July 1st is the targeted soft opening, with a July 15th Grand Opening planned to coincide with the annual North Bend Block Party.

When asked why he chose North Bend for the second location Joe replied:

“Well to tell the truth, I did not consider North Bend when the initial business plan was made for expansion.  Longtime friend and Chef Broc Thompson made the proposal that Brickyard expand to this location when the historical McGrath Building became available.  I am very happy to say that Broc has become a partner in the business and has driven the expansion to North Bend.  As I spend time there I have become enamored with the town and am super excited to visit multiple times a week.”

brickyard 1
Photo: Facebook
Boxley's space being renovated to become Brickyard Brewing. Photo: Facebook
Boxley’s space being renovated to become Brickyard Brewing. Photo: Facebook


Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Changes Taproom Menu

As meanwhile over in Snoqualmie, “The Brewery,” as it has simply become known, is shaking things up and introduced a new menu.

The new menu, planned by the Taproom manager and chef with an industry expert, debuted this week.  Some unpopular items were removed and some new items, which they hope will become new favorites, were added in an effort to simply the menu.

You can find out more about the new menu on the Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Facebook page. Rumor has it a new beer debuted with the new food, too.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing. Photo: Facebook





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  • As a North Bend local and someone who is a very accomplished cook as well as being vegan; we need upscale food that the actual chef and staff knows what goes into their food. I’m tired of having butter, lard, MSG and cheese on everything in the food that we get served in North Bend! Please whoever the chefs are have them use local, organic, sustainable produce to make good salads, maybe even having some tofu recipes and other vegan/vegetarian options that are complete meals . There are a lot of us here in North Bend and we are tired of looking like we have horns when we ask what is in our food and if the chef can change something up to accommodate our ethical standards as well our dietary needs. Thank you for listening…we have to change the restaurants in North Bend the only time I get anything decent is traveling to Seattle!

  • Diana is right about having butter, lard, MSG and cheese on everything! I am tired of having to go to Issaquah for a meal that doesn’t make me feel like garbage when I am done. I am very excited for a second brewery in town and am hopeful you serve food that is upgraded from the pub food at every other restaurant in North Bend and Snoqualmie.

    Any chance you will have room for a pool table in the bar side of the restaurant? The only options currently to play pool are dive bars. Our town needs better spaces for adults to enjoy themselves.

  • Just make sure the food tastes good. Leave the virtue signaling to others. A steak and a beer. Burgers and fries. Welcome to North Bend.

  • Yup, leave it to others or start a restaurant. We are already lacking eateries in general. I am extremely happy to have a brewery, of all things, in our little town.

  • Well the chef is the one from North Bend bar and grill. Who when I asked for egg whites he said he could not do it. Last time I had his food it resembled grill scraping.
    Should be interesting

    1. Well that’s disappointing to hear. They may not be a food chain but their food sure resembles it. I once had caramelized onions there that were cooked in cooking oil instead of butter. It was completely inedible. I sincerely hope the chef wasn’t the one who approved of that.

  • Living Snoqualmie