Small Areas Of Snoqualmie Valley Still Without Power

** 1/23:  Salish Lodge restaurants back open at full speed and full menu  **

**  1/23, 11:30AM:  Fish Hatchery Road in Fall City has power.  **

**  1/23, 8AM:  Lake Alice Road in Fall City still without power.  Resident reports PSE won’t say when power will be restored. **

**  10:30PM:  Ernie’s Grove area got power back **

**  7:45PM:  ALL SVSD schools are scheduled to open on time tomorrow, 1/23.  MSHS finals begin tomorrow. **

**  3:45PM:  For valley residents still without power:  PSE released a restoration schedule for your power:  RestorationSchedule **

**  3PM:  Fish Hatchery and Rutherford Road in Fall City still have no power. **

**   2PM:  Downtown Snoqualmie has power again. **

**  1:05PM:  PSE said in 11AM update that transmission line repairs mostly done.  Now focusing on damaged neighborhood distribution centers.**

**  1:05PM:  Reports that only half of downtown Snoqualmie is out.  Outage was proceeded by a loud boom.**

**  12:35PM:  Both CKMS and FCES have power**

**  12:30PM:  Mitchell Hill in Fall City is reporting no power.  Ames Lake Road possibly back?  **

**  11AM:  FCES and area around it DOES have power now.  Tolt Hill does NOT have power  **

**  9:30AM:  No power on SE 8th in Fall City  **

**  9:10AM:  Ames Lake Road also reporting no power and PSE estimating a Wednesday restoration.  Fall City Elementary School IS included in the area of Fall City without power.  **

Most of the upper Snoqulamie Valley had their power restored yesterday evening, but some small pockets still remain in the dark.  According to the Puget Sound Energy Service Repair Alert Map, about 525 customers in Snoqualmie, Fall City and North Bend are without power.  According to PSE, as of 6AM, approximately 119,000 customers are without power in Thurston, Pierce and King counties.  250 power crews are working to restore service.   Crews from Montana were in Snoqualmie yesterday working on downed transmission lines.

Reports this morning confirm that the Herb Farm area of Fall City near 44th ST is still out.  Lake Alice Road between Fall City and Snoqualmie Ridge has about 30 customers waiting for power to be restored.  One Lake Alice Road resident reports PSE estimating  possibly Wednesday before repairs are made.  Waiting for word if Fall City Elementary has power.  SVSD students missed all of last week due to the snow/ ice storms and subsequent power outage.

NOAA issued another wind advisory for the valley.  They say winds could gusts up to 50MPH.  Looks like Mother Nature isn’t through with us yet.

Please leave a comment if you are still waiting for power.  Stay warm!

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  • As of last night FCES and all homes surrounding were still without power. The Fall City yahoo group quoted PSE as saying their power will be back by Wednesday.

    We are off Ames lake road and as of last night we had no power yet.

    Thanks for your updates!

    1. Thanks Kirsten. Love the network of readers helping to keep everyone up to date. I hope you get your power back sooner than later.

  • Have you heard anything about milk delivery from Smith Brothers? If/when we might get back on track? I’m pretty sure they are headquartered in Kent which is still largely without power. Just trying to figure out how much to buy until our next regular delivery day 🙂

    1. Haven’t heard. Will check. They made it to my house last week, but they had power then:)

      1. Smith Bros. says they should be able to make all deliveries this week and will let me know if that changes.

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