Si View Parks to explore expanding, building new aquatics facility with in-depth feasibility study

On August 29, 2018, Si View Parks announced plans to begin exploring options to expand its current pool or build a new aquatics facility.

Si View Metropolitan Park District recently updated its Comprehensive Plan and identified three top priorities for future development: connected trail network; preservation of open space for passive and active recreation; and a need for an aquatics facility.

In September 2018, the District will select a consultant from a pool of qualified applicants to conduct a feasibility study to explore options for expansion of the existing aquatics facility or development of a new facility.

Si View Executive Director Travis Stombaugh explained, “It’ll be a very in-depth, transparent and community driven study.” He said he wants the community to know that they’ve heard them and the District is moving forward to explore aquatics options.

The feasibility study will guide the parks district to a solution that provides a longterm sustainable building. The study is expected to be completed in 2019.

According to a press release, the process will begin with interviewing qualified consultants and then choosing a team that best represents the needs of the District and residents.

Si View says the current use at its poolhas exceeded capacity for some time now, but a new facility that will meet current and future needs requires in-depth study and planning with multiple opportunities for community input through surveys, focus groups and community meetings in order to develop a facility that meets the need and is operationally sustainable.

The feasibility study will include input from Si View Parks District residents and its “service area” outside the district boundaries such as the City of Snoqualmie. The main scope of work for the feasibility study includes:

  • Public Outreach: Evaluate the existing survey completed by the District as part of the Comprehensive Parks Plan update. Work with staff to determine what additional information will need to be obtained to support the feasibility study. The consultant team will be expected to participate in meetings to solicit community and stakeholder input relevant to community needs and interests.
  • Market Analysis: Research and document existing community and aquatic facilities in the region, including facility location, size, components, rates, cost recovery and potential influence on Si View’s facility. Include private, public and non-profit facilities in the market analysis. Identify the primary and secondary service areas, current and future demographics, potential users of a Si View facility and user groups and facility trends.
  • Business Plan: Develop a business plan to consider the financial implications of the various program elements identified on a wish list through the public outreach process and needs analysis. Calculate the projected operating costs and anticipated recovery costs for each. Explore funding options and partnerships.
  • Facility Programming/Space Planning: Determine the components, (rooms, facilities, amenities etc.) to be included in the Aquatic Center, based on the input from the public outreach process, the market analysis, as well as the feedback from the business plan. Provide space requirements and relative locations for each component.
  • Schematic Design Alternatives and Costs: Based on the input from the public outreach process the project team shall propose concept design alternatives for an Aquatic Center with probable construction costs and operational estimates for each. Develop a schematic design for the preferred alternative corresponding costs.
  • Report: Submit a written report compiling the above scope of work and methodology used in preparing the feasibility study and design recommendations.

Si View Metropolitan Park District says it has always served and viewed the entire Snoqualmie Valley as one community and believes with the proper planning it can build and operate a facility that will meet the needs of the entire community for many years to come, sustainably and at a level of service deserving of the community they represent.

The Parks District stated, “We believe this to be a Valley-wide endeavor in the hope of minimizing duplication and maximizing resources, but ultimately providing an end product and programming that our entire community is proud of.”



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  • Its about time! I have lived all over and this is the first place that does not have a full size pool!

  • Big fans of Si View. Our son has taken swimming lessons there and they have some excellent swimming instructors.

    1. Completely agree!!!! We have loved the Si View Pool and all of its instructors for the past decade as our kids have grown up up and learned how to swim there. What makes our community pool so amazing is its staff and all who have poured their time, patience, care and skills into teaching kids how to swim. So thankful for their volunteer program as well. The leaders there do a great job of also training and raising up the fantastic instructors of tomorrow.

  • As a resident of the Ridge, what ever happened to the
    pool we were supposed to get up here?
    At the “Y” would be perfect. A splash park would be
    great, too. If the new skateboard facility is thought to be
    a pressing community need, how many more families
    would benefit year-round from an indoor pool?!?!
    Not everyone belongs to the Country Club!

    1. Karen I’ve heard that a pool was done with the Y and then you had to get a Y membership to go to the pool. Perhaps not having the Y do it would be a good thing but I like the rest of your ideas.

  • Living Snoqualmie