Sexual Assault Reported at Truck Town, Accused Driver Found Deceased 45 miles Away

The Snoqualmie Police Department stated earlier this week that a rape was reported at North Bend’s Truck Town, at 46600 SE North Bend Way off I-90 exit 34.

According to a Snoqualmie Police Department press release, shortly after 8AM on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, officers responded to a call where “a lone adult female reported that she had been physically and sexually assaulted by an unknown male truck driver.”

The woman reported that the assault took place inside the cab of a parked semi-truck. Officers worked with witnesses and Truck Stop personnel to track the truck via GPS to a truck stop in Fife, Washington that afternoon – about 45 miles away.

In an apparent mysterious twist, Snoqualmie Police officers then found the 44-year-old driver from Kentucky dead inside the cab of his truck. The case was turned over to the Fife Police Department and is currently under investigation.

According to a Seattle Times article on the incident, the trucker, identified as Dushon Lyte Sr., may have died of a medical issue and his “DNA will be entered into a national law-enforcement database to determine whether he is linked to unsolved sexual assaults.”

You can read the full Seattle Times story HERE.


truck town
Truck Town in North Bend, WA where a rape was reported on 8/4/15. Photo: Google Street Map screenshot



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  • That’s irony for you. With all the growth in Snoqualmie and North Bend truck town and the truck stop need to be closed.

    1. No matter the growth in the area that truck stop is the only one for over 60 miles. Without it, truckers, who everyone depends on, would not have the amenities they need.. And if you notice, gas is 20 cents cheaper at Worrier station across the street from TA then it is in North Bend or Snoqualmie. Truck town stays!!!

  • Living Snoqualmie